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Mineral Makeup

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So far in this series, we’ve learned about the benefits of using mineral makeup, types of makeup brushes, and how to clean makeup brushes. Now that we have the right tools, it’s time  to learn some tips and tricks to apply it!

Two things that cannot be stressed enough during application is layering and blending. Layering prevents caking and keeps you from using too much product which results in the product settling into fine lines. Blending ensures that all products work together in a cohesive manner. If you don’t blend, you run the risk of looking clownish or having distinct lines of color all over your face. Do not worry about over blending. You can always apply another layer later.


Do not use concealer if you don’t need it! The point of mineral makeup is to let natural skin tone radiate through the makeup. If you do need it, apply it lightly with your ring finger or a concealer brush to problem areas and proceed to the next step.


Accurately applying your foundation takes mere seconds once you get it down. First place some product into the containers lid. Next take your kabuki brush and swirl it softly through the lid. Tap the excess off back into the lid. The brush should do the work for you and have just the right amount of pigmentation for a sheer veil of foundation. Apply in a buffing (circular) motion.

If you want more coverage, do light layer over light layer until you achieve your desired look. Keep in mind, the more you put on the heavier it will look and the less your actual skin will shine through so try to put on as little as possible.


Eye makeup application is possibly the most daunting part of the process, but after a few practice rounds, it should become fairly effortless. Prep your lids with a light sweep of foundation over your eye. This will help the makeup to set. Next pick your base color. Sweep this lighter color from lash line to brow bone and into the inner corners of the eyes. If this seems like too much on your lids, apply this color directly beneath the brow bone and into the inner corners. This strategic placement of a lighter color helps open up eyes and makes tired eyes look alive.

The next step is to select a darker color. This color will be deposited over the entire lid. You may stop here or for a more dramatic look choose a medium to dark color and contour it into the crease of the eye. Begin a little bit before mid-crease and sweep it to the outer edge of the eye area. Make sure to blend so your colors don’t look like distinct lines but rather one blended, smoldering look.


To further enhance the look, you can line eyes, either prior to or after adding a deep color into your crease. For dark eyes, choose a brown or black pencil. For light eyes, choose a lighter shade like taupe or gray. This will make the liner look less harsh and more natural. Start from the outside and work your way in using small, precise strokes until you reach the inner corner. Apply mascara. Give mascara a minute to dry and then proceed to fill in the spots between lashes where you missed during your first liner application. This will ensure a nice solid line.


To apply blush and bronzer always use a light hand as you did with your foundation. You can either apply blush just to the apples of the cheeks for a healthy, sun kissed glow, or you can apply it in the hollows off the cheeks as well. In order to do this, pick up three complimentary blush colors. For example a deep rose, a light rose and a rosy highlighter. Suck in your cheeks so you see where your hollows are and brush the deepest color into the concave of the cheek, sweeping upward rather than down.

Smile and see where the apple of your cheek is and apply the lighter rose onto the apple. Next press your cheek and feel where your top jaw bone is. Dust a highlighter onto this section and blend. Blend all of the colors in a sweeping motion to make certain you don’t have three distinct lines of color but rather a combined, radiant rosy hue (or whatever color you might be using).


Make sure lips are exfoliated so no flaking occurs once the color is on. Next you may line the lips if you so desire. Choose a liner as close to your natural lip color as you can find and apply it to the outside of lips. Or if it is easier, apply the liner to the lip in its entirety. This will actually make the color more steadfast and less likely to run or rub off.

Apply gently with either a lip brush or your pinkie finger, starting in the middle and working your way to the outer corners of the mouth. If using a brush, apply in soft strokes in the chosen color. If you wish, apply a dot of gloss or lighter color to the center of the lips to further enhance the mouth and make it appear fuller.

With the right colors and brushes, application of your mineral makeup should be a breeze.

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