How Smoking Will Kill You? – Short Term to Long Term Effects on Your Body and Mind

Back in the 1920s, when cigarettes first really hit the global mass market, we didn’t know what we do now about the incredibly harmful effects they can have on your body. At that time, they were wrongly associated with wealth, sophistication, and stress-relief. Now, that association has changed to cancer, lung disease, and early death.

Yet around 1 billion people around the world still choose to smoke as many of us continue to underplay or downright dismiss the health risks that smoking comes with. Below are 5 ways that smoking is slowly ruining your body and mind.

1. It’s Ruining Your Sex Life.

Smoking clogs up your arteries with tar and is detrimental to blood circulation. Over time, this constriction of your blood vessels can cause erectile dysfunction and a decrease in your arousal as both of these processes rely on good blood circulation. It can also have more-or-less immediate effects on your erectile capacity – one cigarette is all it takes to cause an instant reduction. In women, it can also lead to an early-onset of the menopause and fertility problems.

2. It’s Ruining Your Lungs.

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Ever heard of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease? Well, it’s a very nasty disease in which your lung airways become inflamed and your lung tissue destroyed. It’s colloquially known as Tobacco Disease – no prizes for guessing why.

3. It’s Ruining Your Heart.

A smoker’s heart will contract, on average, 12-15 thousand times more than a non-smoker’s heart will. This quite literally changes the shape of your heart; a fairly unpleasant thought. More worryingly though is the effects it has on your arteries. The adrenaline spike caused by smoking causes fat to be dumped into your bloodstream which ends up sticking to your arteries. This can lead to heart disease and other serious conditions.

4. It’s Ruining Your Bladder.

Women who smoke are three times more likely to experience incontinence than those that don’t. The exact reason that smoking causes a lack of bladder control isn’t yet fully understood, but it could be due to certain toxins that act as bladder irritants.

5. It’s Ruining Your Mouth.

Aside from the obvious yellowing of the teeth and bad breath, smoking can also cause receding gums and cancers of the throat, mouth, lips, or tongue.

How Do I Stop?

Fortunately, you can significantly reduce the damage that has been done to your mind and body by taking steps to stop today.

The good news is that, in the modern world, it’s easier than ever. There are more supplementary products now than ever before that can help you to fight off the addictions. Nicotine patches can be used to reduce cravings, and e-cigarettes can be used as a less-harmful alternative to traditional cigarettes.

You may be avoiding e-cigarettes due to a lack of knowledge and a fear of trying something new, but you need not worry. Sites like Liquido24 contain all the guides and information you need to help you make the switch, and you can browse e-cigarette products there too. Remember – it’s never too late to stop.

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