How Slow Food Can Change The Way We Live

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If you are here in this world to accomplish a mission, how do you want to live? Will you live every day of your life struggling with poor health; taking maintenance medications, or with strength and vigor; free of illness? Accordingly, you must begin with what you eat. This is where the concept of slow food starts. With 43 local chapters in the United States and 83, 000 members in 50 countries, it is a movement away from convenience stores and fast food chains by returning to homemade meals for the family dinner.

Resisting the fast food custom, slow food seeks to support the pleasure of local produce, conventional foods which grow organically and enjoying these foods along with others.

While some people are still fast-food junkies, the health conscious public is open to the thought that there’s a need to modify their way of life as well as their diet. They are turning to resident farmers’ markets for fresh foods or occasionally growing in their own garden some herbs to save budget and eat healthier.

Spending more time eating home prepared meals and appreciating food instead of rushing through meals is another good thing to apply. As for usual fancy breads made with cake flour or white flour, other options available in the market are whole wheat, rice flour and coconut flour.


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It is our fast-paced lifestyle; hectic routines that lead us to poor choices of food. We tend to purchase foodstuff on-the-go or either drop by at the neighboring drive-thrus.


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See how you and your family eat. If you eat what is grown close to you, you can be certain it contains small amounts of chemicals. You rely on processed foods that contain sweeteners, artificial color, additives, flavorings, and chemically-altered fats. Who needs them anyway? These are the causes that snags in your life while they were formulated to extend the lifespan of the food. Wouldn’t you pick local foods if you can?  

Being the co-chairperson of Women Corporate Directors, ECHOcafe, ECHOStore sustainable lifestyle and ECHOmarket sustainable farm’s owner, Chit Juan believes that the way to live is to have small farms and grow your own food. There is urban gardening which is now a trend if you are living in a condominium. The idea is to choose well and be mindful of what you eat.

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The chief advocate of slow food highlights, “Eat what is in season. Eat whole foods. Eat them from nature’s containers. We eat instant food so we can work better and faster so we can get rich and then retire in a farm. Funny, is it not? Why not farm this early? Why wait until we are old and about to retire?”mines

Slow food is about settling with what nature gave us and not how we mess with what nature offers us. Industrialization would always disagree because of food safety, of many mouths to feed, and of mass produced for the billions of people now residing in our world. Even so, wouldn’t it be nice to live in a healthier, wealthier life?

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