How Much Could You Earn on Writedge?

earn on WritedgeResidual income sites are all over the place now. You could even set up your own blog.

If you want to get started with residual income, you may consider revenue share. Then you just need to decide the type of revenue share. Writedge writers make money through a pay per view model. For each 1,000 unique views, writers get $2.

So, how much could you earn on Writedge following this model? This does highly depend on your unique views. As you post more content, your view count will go up.

I’m sharing my unique views for July, which has increased considerably from the last few months. From there, I’ll share my predictions in the future, with the plan I have to help that.

Seeing a Sudden Increase in Views

With just 300 posts on Writedge, I’m surprised to see such high view counts. While the month isn’t quite over, I’m on just short of 1850 unique views. Based on the increase by 100 unique views a day the last three or four days, I predict that I’ll be over 1,900 views, so I’ll take that rounded number as a baseline.

That 1,900 views will mean I’ll make $3.80 on the site this month. If I made that each month, by July 2016 I’ll have made about $45.60 over the year. That’s not that bad to say I post one or two articles five times a week—and just really on topics that I enjoy. In fact, most are a topic that I was told would never make money!

I will point out that I did see a sudden increase in views recently. My history posts suddenly took off, after I opted for a unique angle that most people enjoyed. It seems to have paid off.

Make More Money on Writedge

So, how can I make more money on Writedge? There are a few things that I’ll be doing in the short time, including fixing some tags and SEO on old posts.

But the long term plan needs work. My goal by the end of the year is to double my current monthly unique views. At the moment I get around 100 unique views a day, but I’d love to get 200.

If I spent the whole month of July getting 100 unique views, I’d be on around 3,000 views this month. That would have been $6.20, so $73 per year. That’s not that bad.

The aim of getting 200 unique views, would mean doubling that yearly rate to $146. That isn’t bad for one site that is mostly residual income.

The Pay Per View Rate Will Increase

For most of my time on Writedge, the earning per view worked out at $5/1000. It was dropped at the start of this year for financial reasons. Originally it dropped to $1.50/1000 and this month it rose to $2/1000.

The owners want writers to succeed, and want to increase the rate. Seeing that 50c rate doesn’t seem like much, but it help many writers trust the owners; seeing that they were increasing the amount writers could earn on Writedge.

That increase means that more increases will come. If the earnings were at the old $5 rate, it would mean I’d earn $9.50 rather than just short of $4. Doesn’t that sound better? That would mean over the next 12 months, I’d have $114 in the bank instead.

Now, going back to that 100 unique views a day if it was over the whole of July, it would mean I’d earn $182.50 during the year. If I got the 200 views per day that I’m aiming for, it would mean $365 in a year.

That certainly sounds better for the amount I could earn on Writedge. Do it sound better to you?

Residual income takes time to build up. It will be slow at first, but the earning potential is infinite. This is the amount I want to earn on Writedge over the next year. What could you make?

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