How Google makes billions of people fall in love


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English: Google Chrome logo. Português: Logotipo do Google Chrome. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Google is one of the leading tech-company in the world.Besides innovative products, Google also has unique gifted featured to its employees.

1. Pets are allowed in office

We can see the no-pet sign on every doors of shopping malls, coffee shops, offices, ect. But Google is an exception. Employees working here are allowed to bring their pets to work.Google believes employees will get more energy re-fullfillment, meanings more productivity. Despite that, there are people who hate animal discomfort.

2. Delicious food is always available.

Google’s cafeteria has one of the best chefs in the world.Their cooking skills serve not only Googlers’ hunger but also their appetite. Google employees are extremely concerned about diet, they can have breakfast, lunch, or dinner in the company even if they work late, and all are free.

3. You can meet best people in the world

Only talented people are working for Google. “All around us are people smart, assertive, constitutes the best work environment I have ever experienced.” – a Googler said.Meeting talent people inspires you to work on the best mode.That’s how Google is becoming more and more successful.

4. Employees feel they are actually living in the future

Because Google is one of the leading technology companies in the world, it is no surprise when the staff here are always at the forefront. Googlers are entitled to use the company’s products to work, all products are tested and unpublished.”I set Google Chrome as the default browser even before it was released. I had used smartphone, tablet and Chromebook before they were on market. Interestingly. I was taking a step into the future hybrid, and after good feedback, I might even create the future “, an employee said.

5. Techstop supporting group for Google’s staff

Google has some of the shiniest IT professionals to help current employees complete the work. Techstop is the tech support group of Google, they provide guidance on hardware and software, as well as many other problems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. An employee has expressed his confidence with Techstop because: “This is an effective method to solve the little problems appearing in the work. For example, if you forget to charge the laptop, just call Techstop. ”

6. Young parents are treated kindly

Often a young mother is off from work up to 6 weeks after giving birth, but things are different at Google.The young father has 6 weeks paid leave, and mother has 18 weeks paid leave for giving birth, and continue to receive dividends during their leave. When the parents return to the company, free baby-caring service is offered for them.

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