How Chennai Residents can get benefit with Bajaj Finance FD Scheme?

Mr. Venkat Raman Selva Rajan, a resident of Chennai, has saved Rs.50,000 during the last 2 years. His amount was lying idle in bank’s savings account and earning only 4%. He wanted to move the money to a more lucrative investment scheme.

He was confused in a mutual fund and an FD, and that’s when his friend Ganesh Dodda suggested him to go for a fixed deposit as its ROI was unaffected by market conditions.

He made his mind and invested in a leading non-banking finance company’s (NBFC) fixed deposit scheme such as Bajaj Finance and availing many benefits. If you are a Chennai citizen like him and want to make the most of your FD investment, you could also apply for Bajaj Finance FD online.

Bajaj Finance FD in Chennai Benefits 

  • A higher ROI

Chennai residents can expect a high return on your investment of fixed deposit with Bajaj Finance. Yes, if you are a standard citizen, you will get a higher ROI of 7.85% whereas a senior citizen can grab 8.20%.

  • Fixed and assured returns

Your FD’s ROI is not affected by market conditions, and it means that you surely get guaranteed return to fund your many future goals.

  • High credibility and stability

Bajaj Finance FD in Chennai also provides a great degree of stability and credibility to your investment as it’s marked by ICRA’s MAAA and CRISIL’s FAAA – stable ratings.

  • Minimum deposit amount of only Rs.25,000

Bajaj Finance FD in Chennai also does not demand a higher amount to start investing. An amount of just Rs.25,000 is enough to help you begin your investment journey.

  • Wider tenor to help suit your financial needs

Bajaj Finance FD in Chennai also lets you avail a wider tenor between 1 year and 5 years. You also get the flexibility to terminate your current FDs and start a new one for a new tenor to suit other needs.

  • FD calculator at your service

Bajaj Finance FD also let you avail the free services of a handy tool known as FD calculator. You can enter your deposit amount and the tenor to help it let you know the exact amount that you will get as profit after the completion of the tenor.

  • Online application process

When everything is easy-to-apply online, should not your FDs be? Yes, to help you save time and effort, Bajaj Finance allows for an online application process of the FD. Whether you are abroad or in a train or at a beach, open your Smartphone or Laptop/desktop and apply for Bajaj Finance FD in Chennai or anywhere else easily.

  • 200+ branches spread all over India

Not just Chennai, a Bajaj Finance FD is available in more than 200+ cities to help serve a customer better. Thus, be it Chennai, Pune, Patna or Kolkata and many more cities, you are free to enjoy the fabulous services of Bajaj Finance. 

  • 24/7 Online account access

One of the other Bajaj Finance FD in Chennai benefits is that you can easily get the entire details of your fixed deposit with Bajaj Finance’s portal. Getting to know your FD’s vital aspects anywhere and anytime assists you in keeping track of the account without hassles.

The Bottom Line

The Bajaj Finance FD in Chennai benefits are user-friendly to help you not only get the best return on your investment but even manage it without hassles. If you are ready to invest in an online lucrative FD scheme, you can apply for it online and get started!

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