How Certification In Human Resources Help Build Your Career?

It is a given fact that certifications boost your career prospects like no other. And while there was a time when HR certifications were not mandate, these days, however, certifications add the needed value to your resume and as a result to your career. Certification in human resources along with human resources degree would ensure that you climb the ladder of success at a constant pace. Not forgetting that it would get you an entry level job in the company you have wanted to work in.

But then how do you choose which certification in human resource is best suited to your needs and how do you decide which one to go for? Because while certifications are important, so is the fact that certifications in human resource should be obtained from the reputed institutes that are recognized by the industry experts.

Certifications In Human Resource – How To Choose Them?

Before we answer the question how to choose certifications in human resource are you wondering whether certifications are even important and are they even worth your time and money? If you have answer these questions in affirmative, then know this that as per a survey done by, a certified HR professional would typically earn more than his non-certified counterparts. And while the salary difference may not be that visible in the lower positions, however, the difference becomes more apparent when you work your way up into HR management. And as stated earlier certified HR candidate is more likely to be hired than a non-certified HR candidate.

And certifications may not be necessary but they quite important in the industry, as the industry insiders will inform you. But equally important are the certification bodies from you are obtaining your certifications. Hence, before embarking on an HR certification, do ensure that the certification institute is recognized and of some repute.  Considering these two parameters, you might like to check out three major institutes offering certification in Human Resources. These are – HRCI or the Human Resources Certification Institute (HRCI), TMI or the Talent Management Institute, and the SHRM or Society For Human Resource Management.

HRCI offers four levels of certifications namely –  aPHR or Associate Professional in HR, PHR or Professional in HR, SPHR or Strategic Professional in HR and GPHR or Global Professional in HR.

TMP or Talent Management Practitioner, STMP or Senior Talent Management Practitioner, and GTML or Global Talent Management Leader are the major HR Certifications offered by TMI.

SHRM or The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) offers two major certifications to the professionals that are SHRM-CP or SHRM Certified Professional and SHRM-SCP or SHRM Senior Certified Professional. There are prerequisite criteria to sit for the exam that is mentioned on their site. 

Global HR Certifications help you prepare for international markets and hence are more niche oriented.

Armed with these certifications in human resource, along with human resource degree, you would see that you are climbing the ladders of success at a greater pace.

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