How Can You Save Money When Your Kids Closets Need to be Restocked?

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One of the biggest expenses a parent has every year is keeping their growing children clothed for both the summer months and the school year. As quickly as the kids grow it can be hard to save money on children’s clothing. There are some ways that you can save a penny and still keep the kids in fashion. As a matter of fact there are also some great lessons to be learned by the kids regarding saving money and being environmentally conscious at the same time. Your children will learn that you can be frugal with the way that you manage the items in your closet and still come out with a great wardrobe.

Go Through Clothes Each Season

Taking the time to go through your children’s closet every few months is a great way to keep the closet neat, find out what is needed and weed out clothes that no longer fit. To restock these items you might consider taking the outgrown clothes that are in decent condition to a local second hand store. Some stores put them on consignment, meaning you do not get paid until the item sells and some will actually pay you cash up front for the items. There are even many that will trade you in store credit for your items. The in-store credit is often given out faster than cash and can be used to replenish your child’s closet with items that they need.

Have a Yard Sale

Another way to restock your child’s closet is by having a huge yard sale each year as the summer begins. This is a great chance to weed out the old clothes from the closet and make enough money to replace some of them.It will also teach children the value of money. This is a great chance to move out the old and bring in new clothing items before the new school year. If you have the initiative you can even do several yard sales through the summer to bring in a decent amount of money for shopping trip before school begins.

Sell Online

Finding a way to make a little extra money for you new clothes can be accomplished by selling extra things you have around the house on an online auction house or with a classified ad.For the winter months there are many summer clothes that you can use in layers to create a new look and keep warm. This is also a great idea because the schools tend to run hot and cold during the winter months making it hard to appropriately dress your children for the school days. Under estimating the value of what you already have in your child’s closet would not be wise.

While there are always the issues of outgrowing their clothing there are some issues relating to what is in style that can be dealt with on a different level. Perhaps buying some excellent accessories from a second hand store would spruce up what is already in the wardrobe giving the clothes a new lease on life.

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