How Can You Celebrate The Farewell Of Your Office Colleague?

We all share the certain close bonding and engagement with a certain colleague at our workplace. That colleague is our part of the office gossips and is our go-to-person for personal and professional advice. However, that special co-worker or colleague is now moving to another company or taking voluntary retirement from the organisation. In order to make him/her feel special, you can offer him/her UAE flowers- Ferns N Petals along with other planned activities. Here are the certain tips that can help you in organising a memorable farewell for your office colleague.

Plan out a farewell party for him/her- It would be a wonderful way to make your office colleague feel special by throwing a small farewell party for him/her. You can throw a low key affair party in the afternoon or evening to express your best wishes to that office colleague. This small effort will be a moment of immense joy and happiness for him/her and will serve as a special memory treasure for a lifetime.

Give a special farewell greeting card signed by everyone in the office- Offer a special greeting card to your parting colleague with signature and a special message from everyone in the office. It will really be a sweet gesture that will eventually take your after-office relationship to an entirely new level.  

Buy an amazing farewell gift- A gift whether be it small or big is sure to cast a long term magical impact on the life of your office colleague who is departing. You can explore any offline or online gifting store to buy personalised gifts, memento, indoor plants, gift hampers, chocolates and UAE flowers to that office colleague. Moreover, instead of buying individual gifts for the departing colleague, you can make contributions from other co-workers to buy a combined farewell gift for him/her.

Offer a glimpse of the special career moments of your colleague- There may be various incidents or moments of glory or pride in the long career duration of your colleague who is about to depart quickly. Highlight the special moments in his/her career through a PowerPoint slide presentation or short video film that can easily make the day of any employee.

Gift a company replica or memento recognising his/her efforts- A special company replica or memento recognising the efforts of the departing employee would be a wonderful gesture of appreciation and gratitude. It will make the employee remain loyal to the organisation even once he/she has already quit and will eventually turn him/her into the well-wisher of the company for a lifetime.     

So, pay a little attention to all these simple tips and make the farewell ceremony of your office colleague truly special and memorable for everyone around.

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