How Can I Make Money Reading Books

make money reading books

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Have you ever wished you could make money from your hobby? There are lots of ways people do it, but what about if your hobby is reading? Can you really make money reading books written by other people?

Many will tell you that it isn’t possible. This is just a pastime that really just gives you time to escape reality, but that’s all. I’ve been told time and time again by some individuals that reading is a waste of time. I’ve never believed it is, even when I wasn’t making money from it and I encourage my three-year-old to read stories, even though she’s not yet able to read the words.

But it is possible to make money reading. So, how do you do it?

Start Writing Reviews

The first place to start is by writing reviews on the books you’ve read recently. You can do this in numerous ways. Some people will open their own blog, purposely for sharing their thoughts, while others will use revenue share sites. There are some who will just leave reviews on the sites they bought the book from.

If you want to make money from book reviews, you need to make sure the site will allow you to earn through it. Starting your own blog is the best option, because you have full control. However, sites like Writedge are great because you get paid through Google AdSense AND you can make money through affiliate income. Share the link to the book with your affiliate ID and you earn a commission when someone buys it.

Where do you get your books from? I started by just using the books that were already on the shelf. I’ve written reviews on The Hunger Games series, the Divergent series and historical fiction books like The White Queen. I didn’t buy them specifically to make money but because I was interested in them. The more I am into a book, the more likely I am to finish it so I can write a full review.

Buying lots of books can be expensive, and many reviewers get books for free. I’ve signed up to some newsletters that send out review copies of books and I’ve signed up to NetGalley, which is a site that offers free review copies. I’m still building my portfolio on this site as I only started with it recently.

Get In Touch With Writers

As you build your review portfolio, you can get in touch with writers. Talk to them about their books and share your work as a reviewer. Authors, especially self-publishing ones, love to get reviews on their books; good and bad, although preferably good.

There are various authors who will send out free copies of their books in return for a review; an honest review, of course! Many of the authors will have digital copies, so it won’t cost them anything

make money reviewing books

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to send it to you and they can often find they sell more because of it.

I like to find authors who have their books available through Amazon. This means I can use my affiliate ID if I come to recommend the book.

Expand Your Review Platforms

You don’t just have to write your reviews. Video blogging, or vlogging, is fast becoming a thing and it’s certainly worthwhile considering. There are many who take to YouTube to share their reviews, and plenty of others who will watch the videos to determine if a book is worth buying.

Making money with video blogging is simple, especially with a site like YouTube. You just add your Google AdSense ID and you can start earning through the views. If you then want to link to the book, you can do that in the comments section; just make sure you include your affiliate ID.

I like to do video and writing together whenever I choose video. I’ll write a quick recap of the video and share both in a blog post. With YouTube it is really easy to embed the videos into your posts. That expands my ability to make money reading books.

It’s time to make money from your hobby. You can do it, because plenty of other people do it out there. This isn’t going to generate income over night and it will mean hard work, but if you really do enjoy reading and love to review I definitely recommend giving it a go.

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