House Hunting? Small Homes Are Beautiful and Easier to Maintain

During the house crisis of late, large houses nestled on large lots have declined dramatically in value. Today, the prime real estate in America are smaller houses nestled in mixed-use neighborhoods, replete with front porches, sidewalks and the community feeling from yesteryear. The trend towards going smaller has even spawned the birth of a “Tiny House Nation”, a popular TV show which focuses on all aspects of building and living in a tiny house. If the current economic downturn has put moving to a larger house on hold, or it’s forced a house downsizing, remember that small homes are beautiful, easier to maintain and can work well for a family with these tips.

Make the Most of Every Room

A room does not have to be used in the manner it’s name suggests. A dining room does not have to be a home’s pass-through room that houses a dining table and china cabinet. If the space can be better utilized for something else, then transform the room to meet the need. If a small home has a bar or breakfast nook in the kitchen, the dining room is rarely used, transform the room into a much needed (and daily used) office space or multi-function room for homework, crafts and games.

Open Up the Rooms

To make a small house feel larger, open up the rooms where feasible. Removing a wall or just a portion of a wall can make a small home feel larger without adding any square footage. Remove a non-load bearing wall from between the kitchen and living room or from between the dining room and kitchen to make the home feel larger.

Create Outdoor Living Space

Extra living space can be easily and cheaply added by creating an outdoor living space. Outdoor living space can be added in a DIY project and can be as simple or as elaborate as desired. Pour a concrete patio, build a deck, plant a shade tree and add some inexpensive seating to create a simple DIY outdoor living space. If the budget allows, build a screen porch, gazebo or outdoor kitchen and dining area, any of which will be less costly than room additions or moving.

Accentuate Design Details

A small house doesn’t have to sacrifice interior quality or be sparsely furnished. Focus on and accentuate the design details of a small house like a fireplace, natural wood flooring or crown molding. A textured wall treatment or elegant chandelier are the design details to accentuate in small rooms, either will add impact without taking up space within the room. Match the scale of the furniture to the room size for best use of space and comfort.


One thing to do that will immediately make a small house feel and look bigger is to declutter. Getting rid of seldom-used items will instantly give more living space and storage space, which is usually an issue in a small house too. Get rid of the house clutter and organize the space so every inch of the home’s interior is wisely used.

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