Hopefully They’re Serious at Business Meetings

There’s nothing wrong with having fun but there’s a time and a place to behave like children. When conducting business there shouldn’t be any child’s play going on. If there’s a lot of play then the individuals who “continue” to behave in such a manner should be dismissed. In fact there shouldn’t even be any business conducted with individuals who never know how to be serious. Business is serious matters. Imagine trying to conduct a business meeting and half of the attendees behave disorderly. 

No business can be conducted when there’s a lot of people behaving in a dysfunctional manner. Some are quite playful and never know when to turn off the playfulness. A lot of times individuals will behave in such a manner to project distractions. The distractions are a way to slow their competition down. Any CEO, Manager, and Leader should know when to let go of the playful ones. 

By observation a leader can find out who can come aboard and who should stay where they are. Some companies lose money because of employees who continue to engage in child’s play. Some managers will hire their friends and family and not want to fire the individuals. But if no business occurs then the company can fail. That’s why some companies allow time for their employees to unwind. Especially the very successful companies. 

When no business is conducted then there can be some playfulness going on. There’s no progress when there’s a lot of distractions. Some trying to gain attention at the wrong times. Any professional will make attempts to get their team “serious” and if not then they’ll have to let the individuals go. That’s how a lot of businesses lose money and companies as well because of the refusal to let go of the antics. 

So many will not move up because all they’re thinking about is playing. As if they’re on a playground. Successful companies don’t become “success” by engaging in playtime. They’re successful because they’re of their seriousness. Of course there should be times to relax and there will be times when business isn’t conducted. That’s when the individuals can do whatever it is they like to do to unwind. 

Just observe all of the CEO’s. “CEO’s” of record companies and software companies. The business suit and everyone falling in line. The topnotch CEO’s aren’t going to spend their time playing with their team. However a lot will attend parties after the business is conducted. In order to stay competitive there will need to be some rules set in place. Business is business and the downtime will occur at the right times. 

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