Honey Packs a Lot of Flavor and Health Benefits

Honey can be taken internally and it can be used externally. When it comes to avoiding sweets this is one that should not be on your list. It is a sweet treatment and honey packs a lot of flavor and health benefits.

The song goes “a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down” but really when you take a spoon full of honey, the medicine also goes down. Honey has been used in medicinal ways since ancient times. We now know that there are many uses for this delicious sweetener.

The ancient Greeks and the Egyptians have left us records showing that they used honey in a variety of treatments. Aristotle stated that honey was beneficial to sooth an inflammation of the eyes. The Edwin Smith Papyrus is an Egyptian surgical treatise that dates from the seventeenth century B.C.

It documents over 40 surgical cases, their treatment and outcome. One of the treatments is honey which is known to fight infection and obvious the ancient Egyptians recognized that fact as well. It is still a good choice today since bacteria will not grow in honey.

In December 2007 the Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine released the results of a study that showed that honey had resulted in a significant improvement in the sleep of children. It also resulted in much less coughing especially when the child was suffering from a respiratory infection.

The conclusion was that if your child has an upper respiratory tract infection honey may be the preferred treatment. This is backed up by the fact that many cough drop manufacturers have been including honey in their formulas for years.

When you were a child and had a sour throat, your grandmother may have had a home remedy that used honey, lemon and warm water. According to the Mayo Clinic she may not have been far off the mark. The honey will coat and sooth a sore throat and the lemon will help cut mucus.

It is a recipe that will help to relieve the pain, even if it only lasts for a while. With its antimicrobial properties, honey is a natural for use anywhere that there may be an infection brewing. OpenClips / Pixabay

Many holistic practitioners have come to the conclusion that honey is a great way to fight back against allergies. It is a case of “the hair of the dog”. The thought is that by taking local honey every day year round your body will be exposed to the local pollen a little at a time and it will help you to become desensitized to it.

It is an easy, tasty and inexpensive treatment. Even if it doesn’t work, there are no side effects except a happy sweet tooth.

Honey adds wonderful flavor to many foods and certainly to a cup of hot tea. It can also sooth your sore throat, help a child’s cough and improve your ability to fight allergies.

Beyond that it is good to apply to wounds and sunburn and can help to cut down on the amount of scaring caused by cuts. Mother Nature has packed a lot of goodness into this sweet little package.

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