Homemade skin cream.

Skin care is an important aspect of health today. There are lots of products available in the market. Moisturisers, skin protectors, UV ray protectors, sun screen, skin toner, oil cleanser, wrinkle preventers, crack healers and so on. Many of these will not actually do what they are intended to do. Some of them will be good but are very costly.

Each of them will claim have the leaf or seed extracts of natural herbs or some minerals. But some of them will contain some chemicals and preservatives.

 But we can do a simple skin care cream at home! Things required are available at every place and cost of preparation is very less. This contains only naturally available things. This is mainly for skin care in winter.

Things required:

1] Bee’s wax: There are different kinds of bee’s wax available. We have to buy soft bee’s wax, which will be having bright yellow colour. It is normally available in hardware shops. About 100 gm are sufficient.

2] Castor oil: This is available in only one type, in almost all grocery shops. About 50 gm are required.

3] Camphor:  Pure quality, about 10gm is required.

Method of preparation:

Pour about 50gm of castor oil in to a steel container and heat it on a gas stove in a low flame. Add about 100 gm of bee’s wax little by little and continue heating, till wax melts. Add camphor pieces and stir it till it dissolves completely in to the liquid. Put out the flame and pour the liquid in to suitable container. Allow the liquid to Cool down to room temperature. It solidifies in to a greasy substance. Use it as and when required.

Or, take some solidified quantity and mash it thoroughly in to a cream! Then store it in to required container and use it. The second method resembles the regular skin creams available in the shop, but the cost will be nearly ¼ th only!

Best method of use:

Heat a little quantity till it melts. Apply it to the skin by your hands, before you sleep at night. Do not apply too much. Apply a little so as to get a thin oily layer on the skin. Gently spread it on the skin. IT CAN BE APPLIED TO FACE ALSO. It WILL NOT cause eye irritation.

Also, it can be stored for about six months in closed containers without adding any preservative are required to be added.

Some people do not like the sticky nature of castor oil and it’s smell. In such cases, coconut oil can be used, but the quantity will be 25gm for 100gm of bee’s wax.

Try it out today itself, best of luck.

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