Homemade Holiday Gifts for Your Boyfriend

It may be a little intimidating to think of making a homemade gift for your boyfriend. What if he doesn’t like it? What if it doesn’t come out perfect? A homemade holiday gift comes from the heart. There are many reasons why you might want to make a homemade holiday gift for your boyfriend. It may be that you are students and just don’t have a lot of money or you may be on a very tight budget.

It may just be that you want to give him something special, that you made yourself. Here are a few ideas for homemade holiday gifts that you can make easily for your boyfriend.

Homemade goodies

Most boyfriends will be quite satisfied with a heaping container of Christmas cookies or if you are more of the chocolate chip type baker, then these will be perfect. Depending on how long you have been together you should be quite aware of his favorite type of cookie. Maybe it isn’t a cookie at all but a brownie or some type of candy.

Do a few practice batches beforehand to be sure that they come out perfect. Fudge is also a great gift that can be frozen and eaten slowly. Try your hand at something special like biscotti or truffles, this is Christmas after all and you want your gift to be special. Be sure to package it attractively as well.

Hat and scarf

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There is still plenty of time between the present time and Christmas to knit or crochet a hat and a scarf for your boyfriend. If you are an advanced knitter or crocheter you may even want to do a sweater but if you are not skilled enough for that don’t worry, a scarf and a hat is a wonderful gift. You even have time to learn how to knit or crochet if you need to. Go to your local earn shop and talk to them about classes and what you want to make. They should be able to help you out.

Special pillow

If your boyfriend has a special team that he loves or a sport, why not make him a throw pillows for his room. You can make one large one or two smaller ones. Go to the local fabric store such as Joanne Fabric and pick out the size pillow or pillows you want. Look for just the perfect fabric and talk to the people there about how much material you will need to make a pillow cover.

Get your thread at the same time so it matches. The envelope style of pillow cover is very easy to make with a sewing machine or even by hand if you don’t have one. You can have it just tuck in or use Velcro to close it.


Why not give your boyfriend a special photo of yourself or of the two of you together. It will be something that he will be able to see everyday and it will remind him how special your relationship is. Choose one of a great vacation you had together or just one that will be meaningful to him and also to you. Place it in an attractive frame and it will be a gift he will treasure.

Giving your boyfriend something that you have made for him yourself will tell him without words just how much he means to you. It can also be very budget friendly and if that is something he will appreciate as well.

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