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Of all the different names for cities throughout the world, surely Bangkok, capital of Thailand, must be called the smiling city. A country in South-East Asia, Thailand is bordered by Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Malaysia at the southern tip. The resilience of the Thai people is extraordinary, and it shows in almost everything they do, whether city life, or working the fields in the countryside.

Whatever your pleasure in the sprawling metropolis that is Bangkok, it is met with a smile. If you are ordering from a local menu, haggling at the local market, or changing money, it is undertaken almost as a game. Language is certainly no barrier for the Thai’s when it comes to dealing with the different nationalities holidaying in Bangkok or passing through the city.People_at_Chatuchak

Bangkok weather:

An area which has a tropical monsoon climate, weather conditions in Bangkok are divided into wet and dry seasons. Temperatures rarely fall below 25C and regularly top 30C for long periods, coupled with the high humidity it makes for hot sticky conditions which require plenty of loose cotton shirts and blouses to change into when holidaying in Bangkok.

The dry season is November through February, and is the most popular tourist time. Although temperatures can vary they will still reach the high 20’s.

The hottest part of the year is March through August, high humidity because of the rainy season, May until September, coupled with 30C temperatures, will mean plenty of tee-shirt, shirt, and top changes.

City Attractions:

If you’ve never been to Asia before, the different experiences available when holidaying in Bangkok will provide you with adventures to last a lifetime.

Oriental palaces and temples abound. Visiting the Klong Lat Mayom, Bangkok’s floating markets is a must for some souvenir shopping. Rubbing shoulders with the locals, and taking time out to enjoy the roasting BBQ pork at one of the many food stalls.

If you want to get into some serious shopping then visit the bustling Yaowarat (Chinatown), or the Siam and Pratunam shopping malls.

Bangkok’s Nightlife:

If you feel you want to experience the wild side of nightlife when holidaying in Bangkok, then join the backpackers and their friends on Khao San Road. With surprisingly little crime except the usual petty theft, there are plenty of drinker’s bars and nightclubs. The cheap eating and cheap accommodation in this area attract backpackers in droves.Taling_Chan_floating_market

However, much of Bangkok’s nightlife has moved decidedly upmarket, with the emphasis on the ‘up’.

For those holidaying in Bangkok who wish to enjoy a taste of luxury, then visit the plush rooftop bars and restaurants, swanky nightclubs, and the latest cocktail bars atop many high hotels and malls, offering fabulous views across the city.

Island Hopping:

If your holiday is to be mix and match, Bangkok is a gateway to 5 tropical islands. Pure white beaches and lush green foliage are all within a few hours’ drive (and short boat ride) of the city. Koh Larn, Koh Si Chang, Koh Samed, Koh Kret, and Koh KhramYai are easily accessible, and as beautiful as many of their more famous counterparts farther south.

If you want to enjoy the real Thailand and its people, without the hassle of island hopping, holidaying in Bangkok will provide all the options. 

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By Paolobon140 (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons


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