Gifts for Digital Camera Lovers

When you have a digital camera lover on your gift list, it isn’t very hard to find lots of gifts that will make them happy.

Small gifts

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Buy on Amazon

If you are looking for small gifts that are perfect for a digital camera lover why not get batteries. The special batteries for digital cameras can be expensive. If the camera uses regular AA batteries then why not get rechargeable batteries and a battery charger. You can’t take pictures if your batteries are dead.

Another small gift that is welcome is a larger card. The new cards are so big and can hold so many pictures that it is always welcome especially when there is a vacation in the future.

A small digital photo player that can attach to a key chain is another great gift for the digital photo lover.

Picture frames are a great gift for the avid photographer. You can get small magnetic ones for the fridge or pretty table or wall size ones. Another small gift is a photo holder for his or her desk. There is nothing like showing off your great photos at work. A small personal size photo album is also a nice way to help them to display their photos.

Medium size gift

When you want to spend a little more, an elaborate collage style photo frame or a larger well-made leather photo album makes a great gift.

If they don’t already have one, a computer program to manipulate their photos is a great gift. For about $39.99 a year you can have Roxio Photo Show and if you want to spend a little more Adobe Photo Shop for $9.99 a month. These will help them to bring their photos to a whole new level. 

Buy on Amazon

Buy on Amazon

For Under $100 you can get a photo printer. There are small free standing printers that don’t need a computer so that if the digital camera lover is say, your grandma who loves taking pictures but hasn’t quite mastered the computer, they are still able to download and print out photos. The Canon PIXMA is available for under $70.

Large gifts

If you are able to spend more than $100 there are quite a few gifts that will please the digital camera lover. One gift that is guaranteed to please is another digital camera. It doesn’t seem to matter to the camera lover how many cameras they already have. Another one with the latest features, with higher megapixels or with a longer lens is always a great addition to the collection.

If you are willing to spend a few hundred dollars, there are some truly great photo printers that can do amazing things with the images.

And last but not least is the digital photo frame. This is the perfect way for the photo buff to show off their photos in a constantly changing array. They can run from slightly under $100 to much higher.

When you are looking for holiday gifts for digital camera lovers on your gift list there are many different gifts you can choose it just depends on how much you are willing to spend.

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