High Calorie Cat Food- Tomlyn Nutri-Cal For Cats After Surgery

High calorie cat food like Tomlyn Nutri-Cal is the ideal solution when you want to make your four footed companion gain weight. Your cat may be losing weight for a number of different reasons. It is important to have them checked thoroughly by a vet if you find that they are not eating.

Some pet people already know why their cat is not eating. Sometimes a senior cat may develop an illness, such as mouth cancer, that interferes with their desire to eat.

In other cases, recovering from surgery for cancer in cats or other types of surgery, can make it harder for cats to eat. They may have a harder time chewing foods that they would usually enjoy.


High Calorie Cat Food- Tomlyn Nutri-Cal For Cats After Surgery

High Calorie Cat Food- Tomlyn Nutri-Cal For Cats After Surgery


Why Cats and Dogs Don’t Eat After Surgery

Many people wonder how to put weight on a cat after surgery. Fasting prior to surgery may have made a cat or dog lose weight. This added to weight loss after surgery can make them look dramatically different from their usual self. It is important to talk to your cat’s vet about any issues you notice after surgery, including excessive weight loss.



High calorie cat food for senior cats

High calorie canned cat food

High calorie cat food for senior cats

Cat food to gain weight


Cats may sometimes feel uncomfortable because of the effect that their pain medications have. Some pain medications for cats can make them constipated. This can make their bowels feel uncomfortable and they may not want to eat. Your cat should have had a bowel movement by 4 days after their surgery. If this does not happen, you should talk to their vet about it.


Caring For Your Cat After Surgery


Helping Your Cat Eat and Put On Weight After Surgery

If your cat has pain in their jaw after surgery and you need to make them put on weight, you may be tempted to give them certain human foods. Some people wonder about giving cats Ensure, since they know this is good for humans who have cancer. Ensure is rich in calories and is a good source of vitamins like Vitamin D. Unfortunately, Ensure for humans also contains milk so it is not good for cats.

Ensure for cats is a better option for cats that are not eating. Tomlyn Nutri- cal for cats is also a good way to help your cat get the calories they need to help them recover after surgery. Ensure for cats is made by the same company that makes Ensure for humans.

Ensure for Cats is called Clinicare Liquid Diet for Cats. This supplement is milk free so it will not irritate your cat’s stomach. This is especially important after your cat has done a surgery and you want to ensure they benefit as much as possible from the food they do eat.



How to put weight on a cat

Help cat gain weight

Tomlyn high calorie nutritional gel for cats


High calorie canned cat food like Clinicare Liquid Diet for Cats is a good option. You can open a can, separate it in portions and give your cat the amount that they can eat at one meal. Sometimes cats will eat less because they feel a little uncomfortable during an illness. However, they still are willing to eat.

If your cat wants to eat but seems overwhelmed by the quantity of high calorie canned cat food that you use, give them a little less than normal so they are not under stress. You can increase the frequency of their meals.


Getting Calories Into Your Sick Cat


High calorie canned cat food in smaller portions works well for some senior cats. Tomlyn high calorie nutritional gel for cats is designed to deliver lots of calories to cats that are not eating a large quantity of food. Even if your cat is barely touching their food, this will help to give them energy.



Ensure for cats or clinicare liquid diet for cats

Pets that are ill

Cats recovering from illness or injury


Ensure for cats or Clinicare liquid diet for cats works in the same way as Tomlyn high calorie nutritional gel for cats but Tomlyn Nutri-Cal For Cats After Surgery is ideal when cats will only eat for a minute or two. You can just squirt a little on your finger and give it to your cat.

Some people use Tomlyn Nutri-Cal and Clinicare together. They use the Tomlyn Nutri-Cal as an extra source of calories. You use about one teaspoon of this for every 10 pounds of body weight. That means if you have a senior cat that weighs 20 pounds you would give them about 2 teaspoons. If they are not eating a lot of any other food, you can give a 20 pound cat up to six teaspoons.

Tomlyn high calorie nutritional gel for cats will help your cat gain the weight they need to look the way they did before surgery. After surgery, your cat is likely to feel good about getting the extra attention too.  It’s really thick and is easy to feed on your finger. If you want, you can also put it on top of their food or swirl it in so it gradually liquefies.






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