He’s Playing Basketball but There’s More!

So Mr. B. Ball Player is stepping up his game. He’s bringing those nifty phrases and speaking about doors. Interesting. So what’s next? What will happen in the next episode. Have to wait and see. Well, there’s something going on, and curious minds want to know. We all know lots of people are curious. For some that really means nosy. Anyway. There’s an exciting game tomorrow not played in MIAMI but the next game will be played in the sunshine state. Oh yes!

The door is open but for how long? What will happen in the next week or so? Who will play the next part? Are you guessing or waiting? There’s nothing wrong with waiting for the big surprise! The Heat is on. The exciting beach friendly, celebrity hangouts, and best team in town is in the City. What city you say? “You know.” So there’s new products and brands. There’s beats and tweets. Perhaps some sweets. Who knows. What will happen in the upcoming weeks? I don’t  know. Perhaps me! There’s always a riddle to figure out. 

Can you figure out what the answer to the riddle is? Wait! You’re not familiar with the riddle are you? Just hold on and watch WSVN and  listen for phrases. Life isn’t living without having some fun! We should support our Home team. Although the game won’t be at home it’s still our Home team. What will they require of Us? We simply have to wait to find out. I hope we win. That would be good for me! I’m sure there’s some fans anguish about the game. I certainly can understand that. Hopefully it will be a blow out game and then we all can Smile

People are waiting to see what will occur real soon. Perhaps someone will come up with some awesome promotional tools that will lead to a unified social media fiesta. Oh boy! There will be some kind of hoopla going on. Perhaps someone will crank up the song “We’re Playing Basketball.” Perhaps. If not then something will go on. Perhaps those entertainers, Bloggers, and Personalities will come out and give out some shout outs. Perhaps. Don’t know. 

We should be surprised. Good surprises of course. Are you ready for some Basketball? We have to cheer our team on. They’ve worked hard and continue to work hard. How many will wear their team jersey? Huh? Well if you’re not in the mood now. You better get in the mood because I think the team is ready to show up and show out. What do you think? Lets see what will happen. Lets go, lets go, lets go MIAMI.

“A Little Old School With Semi New School”

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay Free to use Even Commercially

Video Credit: Youtube

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