Helping our Youth Open their Hearts to God’s Blessings

With the uncertainties in the world lately with all the terrorism, the state of economics and more, it is more important than ever that we help our youth open their heats to God’s blessings.

Just how do we go about helping our youth see the blessings and open their hearts to them?

First we must realize that it is not just the youth who do not know anything about God; it is also those who have been raised in faith that are also in need.

8 Ways to help our youth be open to God’s blessings

Here are several ways to help the youth be open.

  1. Are our own hearts as adults truly open to God’s blessings? If our own hearts are not completely open to God and his blessings how can we possibly help our youth have open hearts to the same blessings? It is ok to have moments of uncertainty; talk about those moments with our youth. Be honest about it. By being honest and talking to them about we can lead by example and help them develop the tools they need to get through times of uncertainty.
  2. Tackle today’s issues, including social media, best websites. Be frank and honest. Now is the time to bring the message of God into today’s issues and make it fresh. The youth of today want to learn things in their “language” not in an over done repeated lesson from 200 or 2000 years ago.
  3. Use the Bible; the youth today want to learn what is in the bible so teach them. Apply the lesson of the Bible to life today. Do so without speaking an old language, tell them to turn to a passage in the Bible give them time to do it, let them look it up on their smart phone; then explain to them just what that text means. They need to be challenged to grow to learn and to advance; the only way to do that is to teach them what is truly in the Bible and its meaning.
  4. Don’t stop just with Bible study; engage them in community projects. Projects like visiting those who are shut in, those in nursing homes, or have a community dinner for those who a poor and have them help prepare and serve the food. The example of the community dinner, get the youth involved with collecting food, preparing the meal, and serving the meal as well as inviting the people of the community. As you go through each step with them ask them how it made them feel, how it affected them? When the project is over; then ask them to talk to each other as a group about what they experienced, what they learned, and how they feel about it all. What was the blessing they found in it?
  5. Teach our youth that God meets us where we are, no matter how we are living at the time; God loves us as we are not just when we are rich or doing the right thing. God does not require us to change before he loves us he loves us in spite of how we live and the things we do God’s love is unconditional (just like a parents love).
  6. Discover your emotional intelligence. Before you can learn about the youths emotional intelligence that you are trying to help; you need first to understand and discover your own.
  7. Practice what you teach. This simply means that our youth and children learn from us as parents and mentors by example. If you say one thing and yet do another you are teaching them it is ok to lie, it is ok to break promises, and it is ok to say one thing but do the opposite.
  8. Remember to take care of yourself and your own spiritual needs while helping our youth. This may require finding a mentor. You need to realize that if you constantly pour all your energy into the youth, you will soon run out unless you have a mentor to help pour some back. In other words; be sure to recharge your batteries. If you do not you will burn out long before you should and that would be a bad example. You need to find balance and harmony to keep yourself and your spiritual needs fed.


Our youth want to learn what the Bible says, they want to know how to open their hearts to God’s blessings and it is our responsibility to show them how to do so.

We have given you 8 tips to help you understand the mission of helping our youth learn of the blessings of God and how they can truly touch our lives in a way that they understand.

Just remember while you are helping your youth, to take care of yourself as well and may God bless you and your youth.

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