Help Make Your Parent’s Transition into a Senior Living Facility Smooth and Free of Stress

Knowing that the time has come to move your parents into a senior care facility like Thunderbird doesn’t have to be stressful for anyone involved. The key to successful transferring them into their new life is to be flexible.

Be Understanding about Moving Conflicts

Senior living facilities are rarely able to give you an exact time that they will have an apartment open. Sometimes they’ll have a vacancy as soon as you contact them and sometimes it can take a little while before an apartment is ready. This is why you need to contact the facility before your parents actually need to move into a place where they’ll need more care.

Once you’ve gotten your parents on the waiting list, you should go through their belongings and start eliminating the items they won’t need once they move into the senior living facility and pack up what will go with them. Taking care of this early means everyone will be ready to go as soon as you get word that a space is available.

Visit Often

Don’t be surprised if it takes your parents a little while to adjust to life in their new home. Moving is always scary and it’s even more so when someone is elderly. The best way to make the move smoother for them is make yourself available. Not only do you want to be able to visit often, you shouldn’t be surprised if they call you frequently and ask you to visit even more than you plan. As the acclimate, they won’t expect you to come around as often.

Communicate with Staff

As you’re in the process of getting your folks settled, you should make friends with the staff. They will be great about letting you know how well your parents are adjusting to their new life and will also tell you if they think you’re parents need additional care.

The more time and care you devote to making sure the move is as stress free and organized as you can make it for your parents, the less of an impact the experience will have on thier physical and mental health. The other thing that will make the experience enjoyable for everyone involved is to include your parents in every step of the process. If you have any questions, you should consult with the senior care facility manager for advice about additional things you can do to make the transition as smooth for your parents as it can possibly be.

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