Harvest Moon Story of Season Review

So, do you know Harvest Moon?

Harvest moon is not as popular as the other games like Pokemon or Legend of Zelda but it’s popular enough for people to recognize the game and says, “Oh, that farming game? I played that before. I love playing it.” At least, that’s the reaction I mostly get. As for me, I love that game. I could play that game for hours – back when the 3ds version has not been released. Mostly, people play Harvest Moon Boy and Girl but do you know that Harvest Moon still released more versions of it, up until now? It’s enjoyable as well.

The newest version of Harvest Moon is Harvest Moon Story of Seasons which can only be played by 3ds (well, there is other way like 3ds emulator but it’s not official.) It’s the second game on 3ds Harvest Moon has released. The first one, if you didn’t know it, is Harvest Moon A New Beginning and I have played it. It’s very fun and I got obsessed with that game. The Story of Seasons, the one I’m writing about, is the latest one.

For those who don’t know, Harvest Moon is similar to otome games where you can chat with people (fictional characters) on the game and you can even have a partner and get married as well. But the main thing on Harvest Moon is the farming. You are expected to be a good farmer. First of all, you must pick the gender for your character. You can be either a boy or a girl. What’s different about this game from the previous versions on Nintendo DS is you can change your clothes and hairstyle, even you can change your skin color and your face as well, unlike the other harvest moon games except A New Beginning. It’s pretty much the same like A New Beginning.

In this game, you’re allowed to date as well. You can raise the friendship between you and your ‘target’ or the bachelor or bachelorotte you wanted to court and one you’ve reached a certain requirement, you can give she or he a ring or you can let them confess to you, though it’s going to require more time to make it happen. I find the bachelors attractive, the bachelorettes as well. The favorite bachelor in the game is Raeger. As for the bachelorettes, I don’t know for sure.

Harvest Moon Story of Seasons don’t require you to pick up the crops one by one. All you need to do is press A and all of the crops will be picked up. Practical, huh? Story of Seasons allows you to swim in the local river to catch fishes too – something you aren’t able to do before. The economics and inventory management is different from the previous games. Before, you only need to put your the things you wanted to sell in a shipping bin (except Grand Bazaar.) Now, you must sell the items through the travelling merchant. Interesting feature, huh? All in all, I love Harvest Moon Story of Seasons.

The challenge in this game is to raise the popularity of the town. Will you be able to do it?

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