Handmade Christmas Card with color papers

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I had planned on making on making my own handmade personalized Christmas cards this year, to cut down the cost of purchasing store bought cards. 

Fortunately, I had managed to savaged some of last year’s Christmas gift wrappers and ribbons from old torn paper bags.  

As for the front card, I used my daughter’s craft art class left over stock cards and colorful pretty papers. Got some white glues, scissors and double sided tape too.

Handmade Christmas cards for Christmas are easy to make and safe money if you have tens or hundreds of friends to send these greeting cards.

I am sure you will making this handmade Christmas cards, with jingle bells all the way !



Here are the things you need:



my own photo


  • White stock card – 1pc
  • Peach color ribbon – 1 string, you could use any glittering or pattern ribbon that you prefer
  • 2 different color construction papers- I used pink and yellow paper to match the bell color
  • a pair of scissors
  • pencil and ruler
  • a bottle of white glue
  • double-sided tape
  • used Christmas wrapper – I chose a Jingle Bell and a Gift picture for the front card


Here are the step by step instructions: 

1.   Use old Christmas wrapper to cut out 2 pictures.

I chose a pair of big Jingle bells and a gift box .

Cut out the shape of the pictures you had selected.


2.  Use a any color construction paper for the base of the pictures.

Place the bell picture onto the  paper.

Draw a square box outline along the bell.

Cut out the pink square.

Apply glue at the back of the bell picture and paste it onto the pink square.


3.  Use a word processor to print out Merry Christmas with any fonts you prefer.
Print the Christmas greetings onto a color  paper.
Cut out the shape of the Merry Christmas greeting and set aside.
Rem,ember to separate both words.


4.   For the bottom of the front card, I chose a red gift wrapper to make the bottom line.
Use the spare white stock card to make four stubs.

You will need 4 stubs. Just fold inwards to make it thick.

Paste 2 rectangle stubs behind the each picture.


5.   Cut out 2 pieces of long ribbon.

Tie a bow and the other is use as the side border of the card.

Use a double sided tape or white glue to paste the bow onto the ribbon.


6.  Apply generous white glue at the back of the bell picture.

Apply some white glue behind the gift picture.

Paste it at the bottom of the front card. 

Apply some glue at the back of the greetings.

Paste the “Merry” and “Christmas” in the middle of the card.


7.  Cut out some snow flakes approximately ten and paste them anywhere you like.

( you can see the pictures that I had uploaded here )


Wishing all friends a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Remember to save money and recycle unwanted items.

 Have started your Christmas shopping yet?





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