Greening Up Your Lawn For Spring

With the advent of spring, thoughts turn to lawns. Having a green lawn is what most home owners dream of, right after baseball, mom and apple pie comes a green lawn. . Greening your lawn, is the process of achieving a green lawn while using green products and methods. This allows not only the lawn to thrive but the environment as well.

As soon as the ground has thawed and the winter is over, it is time to start a general cleanup of the lawn. Get out a rake and clean up the leaves and the debris that has accumulated over the late fall and winter.

The best thing to help promote a healthy, green lawn is to aerate the lawn. Aerating is the addition of air into the soil. Depending on the type of soil that and what the lawn is used for, it may require aeration as often as every six month. Most lawns are fine being aerated every year or even every other year. Air is not the only thing that aerating allows to travel to the roots of the grass; water and nutrients will also find their way deep into the root bed. By loosening the soil it also allow earthworms to make their home in the soil, which is a very good thing.

Lawns can be aerated several different ways. There are clogs that have spikes in them, roller aerators and mechanical aerators. The greenest way to aerate is without using any type of fossil fuel, man power is a good thing.

Grass needs water to thrive. Watering the lawn in the early morning is the preferred way to keep it hydrated. How much and how often it will need water to keep it green will depend on the conditions it has to survive under. Don’t over water the lawn. The object is to have grass with deep roots that will help it survive the hot, dry months of summer.

There are many natural ways to fertilize a lawn. The addition of organic fertilizers helps in the greening of the lawn. One way to do this is to use corn gluten meal. This is a two-fold benefit. It not only nourishes the soil but it impedes the germination of weeds. It is also very green since it is a byproduct of the milling of corn. It is not the easiest of the organic products to use but with careful timing can be very effective. Don’t over cut the lawn. Leave the grass longer as opposed to shorter.

Having very sharp blades on the mower will also give a clean cut. Don’t rake the lawn. Allow the cut grass to become natural compost. The grass mulches the ground and helps keep moisture in and bugs out.

Don’t obsess about the lawn. Allow it to thrive on its own. Keep it natural and it will keep itself green. By choosing the right grass for the weather and soil conditions there is a much better chance that the lawn will be green for years to come.

Photo credit: lawn_1426820360.jpg Pixabay

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