Great Street Food in Bangkok

Fortunate are those who get the opportunity to travel through the heart of Thailand and explore this amazing city of Bangkok. At first sight a modern and not even that interesting city. But when you start exploring you’ll develop another view, surprises everywhere.

The spectacular sight of those golden palaces, thriving markets, and lively streets will entice you to believe that it is hard to find a capital like Bangkok anywhere else in the world.

There are a lot of factors of attraction in the bustling city of Bangkok including its rich cultural heritage, amazing arts and crafts, etc. But what really made me appreciate it is the great street food found in this city.

street food Bangkok Thailand

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The Chinatown Street Food

And when we talk about the spectacular street food offered in the city of Bangkok, it is hard not to talk about Chinatown. Also known as “Yaowarat” locally, Chinatown is literally the birthplace of the street food in Bangkok, and for decades it has been the central hub of foodies around the city. Not only is this place beautiful and amazing to be at (especially at nights), but the food offered here is also pretty hard to find elsewhere. Yes I know you’ll also find loads of street food around Khao San Road and other touristy area’s and I will grab a bite there as well.

The name you will come across time and time again when talking about Thai food is something known as “Satay.” It is a traditional Thai food is made up of grilled meat threaded on a bamboo stick and is served with mouth watering peanut sauce and sugar syrup containing ajad of shallots, cucumber, and chillies.

The Classic Thai Street Food in Old Town

But a rather less known, but more interesting, place for Thai food in Bangkok is the Old Town, which is known as “Banglamphu” locally. Just as the name suggests, the exclusive food that you’ll find in the Old Town is the classic old style Thai street food. The vendors here at this part of Bangkok have been established here for decades. From generations to generations, they have nourished their culinary art, enabling them to serve this treasure trove of amazingly delicious classic Thai food.

These were the core reasons why foodies perceive Bangkok as an absolute paradise for them. So, if you are travelling (or planning to travel) through Bangkok – whether solo, or with your loved one(s) – do not forget to try out the amazing food offered in this city. Particularly, have a visit of Chinatown and the Old Town. Both of these places have a lot of amazing foods to offer. So, regardless of what type of food you prefer, Bangkok street food won’t disappoint you.

When you travel in Thailand or the whole of Southeast Asia for that matter you’ll encounter street food everywhere. Most regions have their specific flavours and specialities, but the general idea and atmosphere surrounding street food culture is very similar. So let this only be the beginning of your Asian kitchen journey.

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