Good Ways to Transport Cupcakes without a Carrier

Do you need good ways to transport cupcakes without a carrier until you can buy a plastic holder with a lid? Television shows like Cupcake Wars have made them more popular than ever, and for very good reason. The flavors and decorating possibilities are endless, and you can find all sorts of kits and supplies for creating works of edible art. Handy carriers are available, but if you need one right now, consider the alternatives. Forget about adding toothpicks and trying to cover them with plastic wrap. No matter how careful you are, the frosting will end up ruined. 

Use the Cupcake Tin to Keep Them Stable

After decorating the cupcakes, carefully place them back in the muffin tin until reaching your destination. The tin will keep them from shifting, touching and falling over. It’s a great temporary solution. In any case, be sure to use extreme caution during removal, and take along extra frosting and anything else needed for touch-ups. Even with a deep cupcake carrier with a lid, accidents can and will happen.

Creative Options for a Sturdy Box

Some have suggested using a shirt box to transport cupcakes. That might have worked 30 years ago, but these days, shirt boxes are barely strong enough to hold clothing.  They are not deep enough either. When looking for good ways to transport cupcakes without a carrier, use a clean and sturdy cardboard box with a lid. To keep everything clean, line the inside with waxed paper or Parchment Paper, and tape it securely in place.

If a cardboard box would look too drab, wrap it with eye-catching gift wrap, and decorate it according to the holiday or the occasion. It can be embellished in endless ways! You can make a DIY cupcake carrier as simple or as decorative as desired. You might even like it enough to reuse it. Simply replace the waxed paper lining. It’s one of the best ideas for carrying cupcakes. Why not make one for every occasion?

If you decide to reuse the box for taking cupcakes and other treats, remove the short side flaps. Evenly punch holes along the edges of the two remaining flaps, and thread color-coordinating ribbon through the holes. You will be able to lace the flaps in a decorative way and finish it with a bow.  

Good Ways to Transport Cupcakes without a Carrier

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Consider a Lidded Carrier for Future Use

Cardboard will eventually wear out. After finding good ways to transport cupcakes without a carrier, consider a more durable option. The Wilton Ultimate 3-in-1 Cupcake Caddy and Carrier pictured above is sturdy and just the right size. I became interested in baking and decorating cupcakes after regularly watching the TV show Cupcake Wars, and I bought three Wilton carriers for myself. They are most often used for family gatherings, and I have never had a casualty. They have always arrived in perfect condition. 

The Wilton 3-in-1 holds 12 regular-size cupcakes and flips over for 24 minis, and it is deep enough to accommodate high frosted designs and decorations. The reversible tray can be removed, and the carrier can be used to hold a 9” x 13” pan. A single top handle makes it very easy to carry. You will no longer have to look for good ways to transport cupcakes without a carrier. This carrier definitely takes the cake!

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