Good Reasons Why You Should Try Acupuncture

Nowadays, many people are interested to try acupuncture and other alternative healing techniques. With the help of a competent acupuncturist, a lot of patients have discovered that the body has in fact in innate ability to heal on its own. One of the most important things practitioners of alternative medicine should take into account is to make sure that their patients’ health concerns are addressed and their treatment is tailored according to their specific needs.


For those who are not quite familiar with acupuncture, it is actually good for:


  • People who want to improve their health with the use of natural methods
  • Patients who want to try alternative healing as they are not satisfied with western medicine
  • Individuals who want alternative means to achieve their health goals
  • Persons who are suffering from pain or discomfort
  • Persons who want to put an end to drug addiction
  • People who want to make a change in their lifestyle
  • Physically active individuals who want to relieve body strain and stress
  • Sports persons who want to improve their athletic performance
  • Anyone who wants to discover the wonders of traditional Chinese medicine


Acupuncture heals with needles inserted through various ‘acupoints’ on the skin. This has been a source of wonder to many people for thousands of years, but it has been proven to work. Even western medicine has acknowledged that this method of healing is indeed effective in providing relief from a number of ailments and discomforts. Some of the maladies acupuncture is proven to treat or provide relief from include:


  • Body pains and aches

Real acupuncture stimulates the brain to release endorphins, a pain-relieving hormone. Several studies over the past 10 years show that acupuncture can effectively provide relief from body pains especially the lower back portion, headaches and migraine.


  • Problems with the digestive system

In 1997, a consensus panel of the National Institutes of Health acknowledged acupuncture as an effective antidote to vomiting and nausea.


  • Insomnia and sleeping problems

According to a 2004 preliminary report submitted to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, acupuncture works to improve the secretion of melatonin at nighttime, improving the amount and quality of sleep even in patients with anxiety.


  • Problems with the immune system

Acupuncture helps to keep your hormones balanced and in perfect harmony. Well-balanced hormones allow your brain to effectively regulate the body’s production of cells and antibodies, your body’s first line of defense against illnesses.


  • Stress and some problems involving the nervous system

Acupuncture counteracts the body’s stress responses by stimulating the brain to release feel-good hormones like endorphins and reducing the release of the stress hormone cortisol. In effect, you will feel calmer and your problems with the nervous system are reduced or alleviated.


These are some of the most significant uses of acupuncture. As a proven healing technique for lots of common ailments, you should try acupuncture. But when you do, you must be sure to find a good therapist like the acupuncturist Boulder patients prefer.


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