Going Ham Whats That?

Going Ham! Where did the Term come from

Okay… for many folks out here on the social web “Going Ham” might ring a bell. Well maybe not the kind of bell that you’re used to ringing or hearing at let’s say a church, middle school, or monestary, but you know what I mean.

Going Ham! was a term that assembled itself in the back blocks of some getto neighborhood maybe in south central LA, or it could have been on the mean streets of Detroit Michigan, New York City perhaps. Who knows it could of originated in some rich areas of Hollywood, and by some hip-hop film director of a Fast and Furious style type of movie. You know when they get them light bulbs to light up their heads with awesome ideas that suggest “Oh shoot! I know what’s going to be the next online trend, but let’s make it appear as a offline epic street drama gone mad!”

Pixabay.comRap Artists Must of Invented it possibly

Well… actually to come to think of it, it may have happened that way thanks to a rapper known as Jay-Z aka Hova, or just Hov.

Yeah He was one of the first to coin the term “Going Ham” it should of been called going HAH, for Hard as Hell! but it doesn’t sound as good.

Nonetheless the term has been used to take many folks to astronomical heights in Social Media when it comes to becoming well known. Like in the viral success of this well known YouTuber Daym Drops (His channel surpassed 43 million views and 391,679 subs). How about the term Selfie. Maybe I’ll write a blog about it’s true origins, we’ll see Writedge peeps and guest.










YouTube Success occurs from Going Ham or singing about it

Daym Drops is a super successful YouTube star and he’s gotten lucky since joining the video network back in 2010. The video up above is just hilarious as it’s title feels as well if read straight off the tongue. Titled “Oh My Dayum” well… if you hold the “iTunes “part of the title for the Apple Store advertising stuff.


Thanks to many top performing YouTube channels of remixing his video, and other top channels that’s even more super successful than his. He was able to climb even further upon the Totally Tubular viral charts. One known as schmoyoho (their channel is over 628 million view, and 2.3 million+ subs), who actually topped the (remix) viral music charts with a whopping 23.3 million views+ after remixing his silly food review.

Oh and let’s not forget yet another famous recording artist who went Ham on a his YouTube viral sensation and single. It was none other than Will I Am, the king of eating Ham as well perhaps who knows. He previously topped the music charts with his song “Hard as Ever” as he hit 37 million+ viral views since back in Dec 2011. “Go figure!”

If you’re riding on a super high budget as the group Will I Am got started with, and ever since Will divorced his music group Black Eyed Peas. Then there’s just no telling how far your voice is going to travel as well. Many unknown people become super famous people on YouTube look at Justin Beiber. As many YouTube stars end up reaching far beyond the digital walls of this jet propelled engine like machine aka Internet aka Social Media madhouse.











 Suggested Going Ham finishing statements

So yeah why not we all try our best to Go Ham out here on Writedge and anywhere our words touch. As it’s a great thing to do our very best, and give it our all every time, which basically is what it means to do so.

“Hope you all enjoyed my very first article here, I love writing everywhere I can. Oh and thanks for dropping by”



Actually I think the term originates from many mothers going hard as ever in deep labor pains, 10 hours+. The curse word that was suggestive of the infamous last letter “m” in the acronym is just far to life threatoning to mention. So I will refrain from doing so here “Hint Hint”.

Just Go Hard as a Mother F&%$#@ is more like, and how it would sound on them mean streets.

“The Darn F-bomb ruins things all the time out here for us good writers” LOL

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