GoDaddy Website Builder Review (2015)

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GoDaddy Website Builder is an easy-to-use website building platform for beginners. Integration with social networks and PayPal is easy and it can be used to make a beautiful app page as well. Starting price is affordable that makes it perfect for novices who have no previous experience in making websites and coding. Simple drag-n-drop interface makes it easy to customize.

However, it's service is limited when it comes to handling blog posts and e-commerce stores. Despite having painless procedures for creating pages in unlimited amounts, it gives away when the time comes for service renewal.

The latest version of GoDaddy Website Builder has got some major improvements and it is no longer the worst website builder you will get your hands in. When I started with it, their slogan was “Website Tonight”, and it did sure take more than a few nights to get even a 5-page website ready from scratch.

Is the new version any better?


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Anatomy of the GoDaddy Website Builder (2015)

The GoDaddy website builder platform is divided into three categories: Personal, Business and Business Plus. Personal is recommended for startup websites, and preferably for personal websites. It costs slightly more than $1 per month, with taxes. Business plan is for a lower-level startup businesses and small/medium enterprises with a few staffs. Price is $6 per month. Business plus is fruitful for a serious business who wish to have tens of employees and cater services to a large number of customers. Costs $11 per month including hosting, domains, e-mail and hosts of services offered.


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What Individual Plans of the GoDaddy Website Builder Provide

1. Personal

The very basic plan comes with the ability to choose 50 themes. At $1 per month and $12 per year, it is the most cost-friendly plan for websites as it provides unlimited pages with 1 GB hard disk space and 150GB monthly bandwidth. For personal websites with a few ten thousands of visitors every month, this plan is very economic. Bloggers, app developers, small website creators and even startups can try out GoDaddy Website Builder by testing with this plan.

Pros and Cons of Personal plan

A domain is also provided free of cost for the first year. Coupled with the massive 150GB bandwidth, the service is inexpensive and risk-free. Websites can be created with breadcrumbs (and hierarchy) stretching to three branches.

For example: Home >> Internet >> Domains and Hosting

However, the site is limited to desktop and is not responsive. Websites created with the personal plan do not have dedicated mobile versions. Dedicated email addresses (for example: [email protected]) are also not provided, and they have to be bought separately from GoDaddy.

2. Business

The business plan comes with another free domain name for as long as your website builder plans continue. The service can be purchased in 12-, 24- or 36- months intervals and cost $5.99 before ICANN fees. 5 email addresses are provided free of cost, as long as they don’t cap the 10GB hard disk capacity. 500 GB of monthly bandwidth is provided that can be exploited into full application with unlimited of pages.

Pros and Cons of Business plan

Unlike personal plan, the business plan does provide a mobile version for your website. In addition to the perks in the personal plan, you can choose over 250 more personal and business themes to make a beautiful website of your choosing. Even with a mobile version though, you cannot technically “build” a mobile version. Everything is automated and made into a responsive design for the mobile device.

3. Business Plus

Need social media integration and effective SEO? Choose the business plus plan. The themes cap out at 300 templates but the disk space increase. 50GB of hard drive and 1000 GB of bandwidth will not even come close to being maxed out, so you should be rest assured that there is no downtime when a visitor lands your website.

Pros and Cons of Business Plus plan

10 email addresses are provided free of cost, with the ability to add more with demand. There is a dedicated social media manager and a dedicated search engine optimization service for the business plus plan. In addition, a SSL certificate is provided free for your first year of service (a $70 value).

However, the mobile site still lacks manual customization. This is one are that can make or break a deal.

GoDaddy Website Builder Review (Breakdown)

Pros of GoDaddy Website Builder

1. Unlimited pages, forever.

The latest version v7 of the website builder has quite a few enhancements from the updates rolled out in 2013. All plans now have the capability to make unlimited pages. This is one of the major plus points because all other major website builders have a limit on how many pages you can create. Squarespace (which is voted #1 for blog websites), have 20 pages limit for their primary plan.

2. Storage Space

Hard disk space starts at 1GB for the “Personal” plan and goes up to 50GB for the “Business Plus”. If that space is used widely by hosting photos and videos in free services like Facebook, Picasa and YouTube, the amount will be more than enough.

3. Drag-and-Drop Interface

It goes without saying, but the interface is too simple to use. Click, drag and drop any field you want: Text, Photo, HTML/Javascript and much more. If you have used Google’s Blogger (Blogspot), you will notice that the interface is similar, but GoDaddy’s Website Builder is much more simple and beautiful as a whole.

4. Put your own AdSense ads, wherever you want

AdChoices-LogoWith the HTML/Javascript widget, you can have the ads appear anywhere on the page. No need to go through the pages of codes to locate “Under Headings”, “Before Comments” and “Left-Floated”. Just drag and drop the ads in one place.

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5. Use 30,000 free stock images

As a GoDaddy customer, you have access to 30,000 of high-quality stock images. They are available from within the website editor interface and you just need to drag them to add them to a specific area.

6. Use your own Google Analytics

There is an option to input the Google Analytics tracking code just before the closing head tag. Say goodbye to in-house tracking service that is good for nothing.


7. Meta Descriptions for all individual pages

Did you know that Google finds meta description useful and you should not miss it? When you create a page, you have the ability to write a 2-3 line summary of what the page is about. That summary might be shown in the Google search results page under your page title.

8. Individual Pages with permalinks

Unlike Wix (another website builder), each individual page has its own permalink, that makes the page much more SEO-friendly.

9. Start out with just a dollar per month

For just $12 per year, you can have the basic version of the website builder. IMO, this is great for trying out the software and decide if you want to keep using it.

Cons of GoDaddy Website Builder

1. Inconsistent fields

Although every widget and text field is ready for formatting, not all are consistent. You might need to change the heading, alignment and font to achieve the same color. This is annoying when you have to deal with tens of pages.

2. Limitation in blogging

If you want to publish a blog, you might as well pay for a blogging platform. GoDaddy Website Builder does have the blog field, but you will soon realize that it just a place for an RSS feed of an already existing blog on Tumblr or WordPress.


3. Price after the first plan

This is one of those advantages/disadvantages list that has “price” as both. Sure, the $12 per year sounds lucrative, but what follows is over $5 for just one month after it. That is too much for 1GB of web hosting with 10GB bandwidth. Alternative for this is a good hosting with Hostgator that starts at just $3.96/month .

4. No Trial

No cash, no service. There isn’t a trial version or a limited day full trial service. If you want to try out the builder, you have to buy first. Buying and then cancelling the service within the time period of the plan will also not entitle you to any returns or refunds. 

5. Limited e-commerce capabilities

godaddy-website-builder-ecommerceThe e-commerce is limited to PayPal, and an extra e-commerce store should be bought for a full-fledged online store. Website builders like Shopify is perfect for an online store, given that is is simple and has much more flexible terms. Not to mention, there is also a trial version available for Shopify.

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Verdict of GoDaddy Website Builder Review

As you can see, GoDaddy Website Builder is not the best thing when advanced users are concerned. However, it is a very easy-to-learn website builder that can be utilized carefully for just $12/year to get to know how the internet works and how easy/difficult it is to create websites. At $12/year, it sure is a bargain. I’ll give it that.

Have something to add to the review? Please drop it in the comments.

Photo Source: All pictures are from Pixabay unless stated.

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