Glass Photography Can Make Your Shots Inspiring

Photography is a vast concept and you can make it as interesting and creative as you want. The best part is that the more you explore with equipment and tools, the diverse your experience gets. By making use of different lenses and creative spheres, you can make your photography endeavours fulfilling and amusing.

Talking about glass sphere photography it is the usage of a clear lens ball as a subject in a picture.  The glass ball forms a one-sided effect and makes for an extremely creative photo when used right. If you are a creative photographer, you might always be looking for fresh ways to incorporate objects to jazz up your shots.  There are different aspects that can be explored and implemented in your photography. An amazing object that has been deeply incorporated is the glass lens ball. The lens ball is fundamentally glass ball photography. It is the usage of 60mm or 80mm glass ball and the contravention within the glass ball to get an image. 

Even if you are a beginner, these photography techniques would make your experience fulfilling and amazing. You can get a refined grip at different techniques of taking shots. Have you ever witnessed an interesting photo of a clear globe and thought how to make such an image?  Well, it is the magic of techniques and the glass photography.

 You might have heard about reflections in photography, but have you ever tried refraction? Once used well, refraction makes compelling images that are going to leave your audience both amazed and inquisitive. You would be in a position to photograph with a glass ball in such a way that would be awe inspiring. Once you’ve have mastered such a type of photograph you are likely to get the same audience.

What is refraction?

Talking about refraction, it takes place when light passes through an object of thicker mass like water or glass. When such a thing happens, light gets bent, and there is a distortion. Once refraction takes place with a see-through spherical object something enchanted happens. An inverted picture of the scene behind the ball gets visible.  The lens essentials in your camera work this way too.  You can even use a glass ball as an additional lens element; it would be the one you can move around the scene. Since you know now what refraction is, it is time to take a step towards applying it to your photography. 

Upside down Image

There are times where it works to have an upside down picture in the background or within the ball. In case you wish to avoid this, the finest way to deal with an upside down background is to simply blur it out by making use of bokeh. Another option to blurring out the backdrop is to make use of reflection since the reflected picture would be the right way up inside ball.

Thus, the point is once you explore the glass photography, you can experience extensiveness and a depth in your photography. You can amaze your friends and acquaintances with your mesmeric shots.


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