Giving the Gift of Pearls

Pearls are a perfect gift for so many occasions. Whether it is birthday, anniversary or holiday, pearls can fit the bill. Giving the gift of pearls is something that is sure to please.

Many things need to be considered if you want the gift to be cherished and worn for years to come. How much can you spend, do you want to purchase freshwater or saltwater, who is going to receive the gift and do you want white pearls or colored pearls? Once you have answered all of these questions you will be in the position to make an educated purchase.

Who is receiving the gift?

Since pearls are perfect for everyone from children to seniors, it is important that you chose a gift that is appropriate for the person receiving it. While a bracelet might not be the perfect choice for an infant, grandma will no doubt love it. If you are choosing pearl earrings, are the recipients ears pierced or not? Simple is best for the younger set but combinations with diamonds or gems will no doubt impress the other women in your life.

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The price of pearls varies greatly. South Sea Pearls can really break the bank and are not something most people can afford while freshwater pearls are almost as inexpensive as costume jewelry. South Seas Pearls are formed naturally and it takes years for them to become large. They are often harvested by divers. A perfect pearl from nature comes at a very high price.

Don’t worry, there are many gorgeous pearls that are affordable and freshwater pearls have come a long way since they used to look like mini popcorn kernels.


From pure white to pitch black, you can find pearls in all the colors in between. No one color is more valuable than another except perhaps a naturally occurring Tahitian black pearl. So let your taste be the determining factor when choosing a color. For younger girls, pastels may be a good choice while white is a color that never goes out of style and is still a traditional choice.


When it comes to style, for a young girl or teen, a single pearl on a gold or silver chain is a good option. Some jewelers have programs that allow you to buy single pearls that can be added to a necklace. You start with one and by the time the child is grown, they have a full necklace they can wear to their prom or wedding.

For the more mature woman, a complete set with pearl necklace, earrings and bracelet is something that will be enjoyed for a lifetime.
If you choose to invest in South Seas Pearls, they can be considered an investment. They will be passed down through the generations and increase in value with age.

Pearls are a gift that will please the females in your life, no matter what their age. Giving the gift of pearls is a timeless gift of fashion.


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