Gift Ideas for Swimmers That’ll Make a Splash!

Gift Ideas for Swimmers Christmas 2015

gift ideas for swimmers

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Looking for something special for a swimmer in your life? Take a glance at these great gifts for swimmers that I’ve purchased and used myself in the pool! Whether you’re looking for something fun or practical, I’ve got you covered!

What does your swimmer need or want? 

While it’s a good idea to think about what your swimmer needs to swim at peak performance, you can also think about what will make their swimming a more enjoyable experience. All of this depends on the type of swimmer you’ve got in your life, which is something only you know best!

I’m a recreational swimmer myself, so I’m typically looking for things that can add more comfort and fun to a swim workout! With that in mind, I’ve grouped the following items into Fun and Practical lists to help you narrow down the perfect gift! 

FUN Gift Ideas for Swimmers:

Waterproof Apple iPod Shuffle

A waterproof iPod is probably the most FUN gift for swimmers around! If you’re shopping for a swimmer who likes to swim laps back and forth for exercise purposes, this is a GREAT way to make any swim workout extremely fun! I’ve used a waterproof iPod myself dozens of times in the pool to listen to my favorite songs while swimming laps. Swimming back and forth used to be boring, but now it’s really enjoyable with music and I always end up spending more time in the water, too! Heck, you can even put audio books on there!

Timex Ironman Watch

It’s easy to lose track of time in the pool! If you’ve got a serious swimmer on your hands, they might appreciate something water-resistant that not only keeps time, but that also has a built-in lap counter, split and lap options, alarms, and interval clocks. This might be unnecessary for recreational swimmers, but for someone who’s serious about improving their swimming, it’s a pretty fancy and useful gadget!

GoPro Camera

How about a camera that will allow your swimmer to take really cool underwater photos? My neighbor was recently raving about all the GoPro photos he took on his cruise to Jamaica. This is something that could be enjoyable for the recreational swimmer because of all the opportunities for taking fun pictures of friends and family while swimming, but it could also be equally useful for the serious swimmer as a way of recording experiences while training! Take it from the pool to the ocean – there are so many possibilities here to explore!

PRACTICAL Gift Ideas for Swimmers:


gifts for swimmers

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Don’t knock this one! Of course goggles seem almost like a “boring” gift, but swimmers LOVE the feeling of a brand new pair of goggles! What’s more, there are actually quite a few options available, which means a ton of opportunities to upgrade. Narrow your choices by first searching for “goggles” along with the words “fitness,” “leisure,” or “open water” (for recreational swimming), or “training,” “competition,” or “racing” (for serious swimming). From there you’ll also need to decide on the lens tint color (see below):

  • Clear Lens: Provides accurate vision without filtering out color. Best for situations with consistent, natural lighting. Good for indoor swimming and low-light environments.
  • Amber Lens: Best for low-light indoor swims and high-level lighting (bright sunshine). The amber shade amplifies light, promoting clear vision. Good for all environments.
  • Blue/Violet Lens: Allows moderate amounts of light into the eye while protecting from glare. Good for changing conditions.
  • Smoke Lens: Protects against high levels of light, much like sunglasses do! Good for swimming on sunny days.

Swim Cap

If the swimmer in your life doesn’t have a swim cap, this might be a great gift idea because swim caps help protect the hair and reduce ear pressure. They come in many different colors so you can totally personalize them for men or women! Also, if your swimmer owns a waterproof iPod, the cap will help the waterproof headphones stay in place (worked for me).

Chlorine Removal Shampoo

I LOVE this practical gift idea because I can so clearly remember my swimmer friend from middle school walking around with her green-colored, chlorine-stained hair! Chlorine exposure can cause the hair to dry out and smell due to the absorption of chemicals. This kind of gift makes a great stocking stuffer! Recreational swimmers can stick with their regular shampoo most of the time and just apply this after days at the pool, whereas competitive swimmers will surely make it an everyday staple!

Happy gift giving!

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