Getting to Know Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is a two-way treatment based on the relationship between a psychologist and his patient. It is often anchored in dialogue which is the main method used to make the treatment work. It is applied through the provision of a supportive atmosphere that allows a patient to talk freely with a trained professional. Psychology experts work with patients to identify thought and behavior patterns that prevent them from feeling normal.


The treatment is designed to relieve patients’ problems and make them learn skills that will help them cope with similar challenges in the future.  Many people consider psychotherapy as an embarrassing treatment. It is simply because most of us think that it is intended only for mentally deranged individuals.


Contrary to popular belief, psychotherapy is a very helpful approach that is intended to help people live healthy, productive and happy lives. It is a treatment approach that helps people to develop healthy habits.


When is Psychotherapy Necessary?


People’s wrong perception about psychotherapy can make you hesitant to give it a try. Nevertheless, you should overcome that hesitation to achieve improvement with the quality of your life. Psychotherapy can really help, and these are the scenarios where it can be most helpful:


  • If you are feeling anxious, angry or depressed for a long time


  • If you are suffering from chronic illness that’s affecting you physically and emotionally


  • If you have problems and you need someone to navigate through it with, such as extreme grief or sorrow, loss of a job, divorce, or an mentally and emotionally burned out


  • If you feel sad, helpless and hopeless for an extended period of time


  • If your problems don’t seem to alleviate despite the help and support of people you trust and love


  • If you have a problem concentrating and you find it difficult to carry out your daily activities


  • If you become excessively worried and pessimistic for no apparent reason


  • If you are an alcoholic or a drug user


  • If you are overly aggressive to the point that you have become a threat to yourself or other people


These are some of the most common scenarios where psychotherapy and regular counseling can be most helpful. There are many approaches to psychotherapy. Psychologists use these as their guide through the entire process in order to understand their clients as well as their problems.




This approach is focused on identifying problematic thoughts, behaviors and feelings, and changing them by discovering their unconscious origins. It is characterized by a close working partnership or interaction between the therapist and his patient. The interactions in the therapeutic relationship enable the patient to learn more about themselves.


Behavior Therapy


This approach is focused on the psychotherapist’s role in helping the patient achieve improvement in both normal and abnormal behaviors.


Cognitive Therapy


In this approach, the psychotherapist focuses on what patients think and not on what they do.


Humanistic Therapy


This focuses on an individual’s capacity to make good decisions and to develop this ability to its maximum potential. This approach also touches the subject of concern and respect for others.


Holistic Therapy


A majority of therapists including the experts at the Denver Counseling Services don’t bind themselves to any single approach. To be able to meet each client’s particular need, they take certain elements from different approaches and blend them together to make the treatment more effective.


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