Getting the Best of Both Worlds as a Work at Home Mom: Working and Raising the Children

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Do you hear of those people who seem to have the best of both worlds? They raise their own children but are able to contribute to the household financially?

Many of these people will work from home. But as a work at home mom, it can be difficult to find a balance. It’s taken me years of practice with just the one, and now I’ve got to do it with the two. Working and raising the children is possible, and here are my tips to get the best of both worlds.

Have Days for Work Only

This can be difficult, but it will depend on your home life and the connections you have around you. I have always had at least once a week where I can just focus on work. Either my husband is at home, daughters are at nursery or I have friends who babysit.

Those days for work only are the days that I’ll schedule Skype calls and meetings. They’ll be the days I get most of my client work completed and can tie up loose ends on some projects.

Sometimes it’s not a whole day. I’ll be able to get everything done in half a day.

Have Days Just for Children

Likewise, it’s important to have a day that’s just for the children or the family as a whole. I have two days each week where I spend with my daughters or I’ll spend with my daughters and my husband.

These days are important. My husband gets really annoyed if I’m constantly working (understandably so) and my children will feel like they miss out. Having a balance between work and life is essential both as a work at home mom and a work out of the home mom.

These days are relatively easy for me to fit into my schedule. They coincide with my husband’s days off work. But you may have a different set up in your home. Find a way to make this suit you.

Don’t Plan Too Much Work

I always make sure I have more hours than I need for completing projects. While I work better when I’m getting close to a deadline for some reason, that doesn’t work for my family life.

As a work at home mom, I need to allow for things to happen during the day. I’m also trying to get the laundry done or I’ll have dishes to wash. My younger daughter may have an exploding diaper or my older daughter may be sent home from nursery one day.

If I pack my day with work, there’s no give for all this. By having some give, I know I’ll still meet deadlines while caring for my children.

Get the Children Involved

work at home and raise a family

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My older daughter loves to be like mommy, and she’ll copy me with “work.” I currently work from the laptop instead of the computer again, so she’ll get up at the computer desk and pretend to type at the computer. Or she’ll put out her toy laptop to do work.

Some of my tasks she can do for me or with me. I used to do a lot of crafts, so we’d have fun making them together to get all the pictures and then I’d write up the tutorials afterwards. The same applies to baking.

Getting children involved is a great way to make your work all about your family. It’s a great way to show them that you can have it both ways.

I want my daughters to realize that they can have a career and a family at the same time. Being a work at home mom allows me to do that, but it’s important to create a balance. These are just four ways that I manage it. How about you?

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