How to get traffic from social bookmarking sites

When it is done correctly, a certain website can get huge amount of traffic overtime. But the main problem about bookmarking sites is that there are many contents submitted daily and the main way to get traffic is to get to the front page of this social bookmarking sites like Digg/ Stumbleupon, Delicious, Diigo and many others.


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Knowing the trick that gets  to the front on this bookmarking site is how to get traffic , there are some things to keep in mind that works. When you submit your url/website to these bookmarking sites, be sure to follow certain key points. This may get your page to the front page getting more traffic to your blog or certain website.

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When you submit your url to certain categories on the social bookmarking site, be sure to submit to the correct category. But why you might be asking why, who would want to view financial article when someone is viewing funny cats right? That is why it is important to know the site and your content. Keeping an eye on the categories is very important.

Also just like in the axioms of investment that “cash is King” which correlates to blogging and writing, “Content is the king”. Be sure to have great contents that everybody loves or your visitors of course.

Catchy title

Submitting to these social bookmarking site will ask of course a title and giving those users/visitors the killer title will surely make them want to visit the site. Just imagine yourself, if you are the one seeing the title, would you want to visit it? This is the hardest part, it is not easy to catch people, but when done every often it makes it easy to get ideas. The best practice is the key.

Great description and tags

Some sites would actually give you the option to write some small description and tags. Be sure to input infos. In the description, you can write short yet straight to the point sentences. Users want to know what your content is. Tags is very relevant, users who search for certain keywords may find what they are looking for. Like funny cats, when they search that and you have the proper tags, you will have greater chance of getting any visitors.

After posting your website to this social bookmarking sites. You might want to share it also to your friends on other social media like Facebook, Twitter, forums and others. This will boost your traffic  incase many are interested on the bookmark you have submitted.

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