Get Rewarded for Shopping Online at Your Favorite Stores

swagbucks - get rewarded for shopping online | Image by Lena Kovadlo

swagbucks – get rewarded for shopping online | Image by Lena Kovadlo

I love to get rewarded for shopping online and earn some cash back for buying the things I need and want. My credit card, however, only pays me 1.5% for every dollar spent on a particular purchase. That is equivalent to .015 cents per dollar. So, if I buy something online worth $100 I will only get $1.50 back, which is a very small amount compared to the amount I end up spending. Every bit helps, however, so if I can get that money back, no matter how little it is, I am all for it. Still, I’d love to be able to earn way more cash back for my purchases than I currently do. Now it’s actually possible thanks to a site that I recently discovered called swagbucks. 

Swagbacks lets you get rewarded for shopping online. The site allows you to make online purchases in your favorite stores, while earning points called swag bucks (SB) for those purchases. Once you accumulate enough swag bucks you can redeem them for a gift card of your choice or better yet for PayPal cash. If you are like me and prefer to get PayPal cash as opposed to a gift card you need to earn 2500 SB to cash out. For gift cards how much SB you need to be able to cash out depends on the value of the gift card. For example, if you want a $5 Amazon gift card you need only 500 SB to get it.  

How much you earn for your online purchases depends on the store you shop at as the payout for each store is different. For example, some stores can pay 7 SB per dollar while others can pay 4 SB per dollar, etc. The amounts vary depending on where you shop. So, let’s say you shop at a store that pays 7 SB per dollar. If you make a $100 purchase at that store you will earn 700 SB for that particular purchase. That is a lot of swag bucks you earn for a single transaction. So, if you make a lot of online purchases those earnings can really add up and even help get you to the cash out minimum faster. 

To be able to actually earn points for your purchases you have to make the purchase through swagbucks. First log in to your swagbucks account, then go to the shop section, search for your store and click on Shop Now. This will activate your earnings. You will get a screen that let’s you know your activation was successful and then you will be taken to that store’s website where you will be able to make your online purchase. Some days later after completing your order you will be able to see your earnings in your swagbucks account under the My Shop & Earn tab. The transaction will be shown as pending and then when everything is processed whatever you earned will be credited to your swagbucks account and your total SB will increase by that amount. It’s as simple as that. 

So, now when you make a purchase at your favorite store do that through swagbucks and you will see the rewards pile up… 

I recently made my first purchase through swagbucks. I shopped at Macy’s, which offers 6 SB per dollar. My purchase total came out to around $220, which earned me 1320 SB. That’s halfway to my $25 PayPal redemption. There are a few more online purchases that I have to make. I will definitely be using swagbucks for that. 

There are other ways to earn on swagbucks besides with shopping, like doing surveys, watching videos and playing games, but shopping is what really interests me since I do shop online. Now, I won’t go crazy and start buying things I don’t need just so I earn enough SB to redeem for PayPal cash. But, every time I do need to buy something I will be doing so through swagbucks. Hey if I can get rewarded for shopping online and get some extra money back in addition to what I already earn with my credit card why not?    

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