Genetic evolution in Pearl Determination

Natural pearls are becoming more and more expensive, while the cultivating-pearl industry is increasingly sophisticated. Not only users but also the pearl traders cannot distinguish between natural pearls and cultured pearls. But with the advanced technologies in biology, especially Genetic, we can partly solve the problem.

White pearls necklece (Credit: Wikipedia)

The testing system

When Mr. Safar Ali, a pearl merchant from Bahrain, took a pearl from X-ray machine, he observed it fairly carefully before transferring it to an analyst. This person will check the pearl once again through the microscope. Previously, pearl merchants like Al Bahrain Mahmouds were able to detect natural pearls just by observing them. But now it’s different. Knowing the difference between natural pearls and cultured is a very important job in Bahrain, where the transaction is prohibited. Pearl thoroughly. It is also a challenge for the Swiss Institute of Pearl and especially with director Michael Krzemnicki, who has called the largest auction house provide certificates prove the origin of the information and jewel additional shapes, sizes and colors. At the headquarters of the SSEF located in Basel, all pearls are undergoing 3 week test with increasing complexity. They are verified by a half-dozen experts. They use a tool specifically designed to study deep into the world of information of each pearl.

Director Michael Krzemnicki said: “The history of each component of jewelry is always something of interest. For pearls, there are many factors of concern when referring to its origin. With technology, we can confirm that the shell type derived from native son whether it is natural mollusc species living in freshwater or wild clams in salty water. The latest methods of testing help us discover deeper. Ultraviolet, visible image (UVVPS) and micro-Raman spectra taken (MRS) are used to test for dozens of pearls, but earrings, bracelets and pearl engagement rings are sent to the Institute each week. These methods provide sufficient information necessary to satisfy many customers.”

Mr. Laurent Cartier, project manager at SSEF, said: “We may consider whether a pearl inside the kernel and thus indicates that it is the human hand touching it or not, whether any substance has been included in the crust to stimulate the growth of cultured pearls or not “. However, he also pointed out that Cartier even undergoes vision testing methods and some younger culture is also “conceded”. He explained: “Human kind can not yet Keshi younger people can intervene to create pearls. Now we have the type of CT scanner especially 3D images, it can be taken into slices of pearls to get a clearer picture. ”

The key is genetic engineering

The large gap in value has made us continually improve technology to create cultured pearls just like natural pearls. This has forced the international auction house – people to often sell their products directly to investors, while they also have little knowledge about pearl limited – to provide more equal scientific evidence and enough credibility for their products. But certification of color, shape, size was not enough for those who want to focus better and understand where the pearl is formed and its exact age. This has led to the development of new methods that can determine the geographical location and development road map kinds of mollusks. Ms. Joana Meyer, who has time to work at the Department of Environmental Science System (DESS) Federal Institute of Technology in Switzerland (ETH) in Zurich, has been a reliable genetic markers on pearl.

Joana Meyer researchers asserted: “The first time we were able to identify DNA from pearls and test it. We have developed a technique does not destroy – by expanding the available borehole to obtain the fine particles (pearl powder) and tested it. “Approximately 10mg of pearl powder is sufficient to determine mussel.” This important scientific revolution brings confidence to consumers, and it is especially meaningful to shoppers because it avails them to know their cash is in place or not.

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