Why are game franchises getting worse the farther they get? This article explains why.

Why are franchises getting worse the further they get?
Final Fantasy is a very long series of kings, that must be really a LOT of work in order to make so many of those games. Besides, when you notice it, the games started to get less fun and original down the road. This is also my opinino, too. This goes for Call of Duty, Sonic, and Resident Evil. Many of these games were gold back then, but then their good elements start to rust. However, some games do come back strong, but this article should explain why did they get worse.

You would definitely miss a game that you played 13 years ago. They would seem like they were definitely great, and you would love to relive the memories. Except, the new games only bring you the nostalgia of the old games, and then make you want to buy the next game. However, since you don’t feel so strongly about the new games, you might end up being disappointed, and your nostalgia for the old games even more. Because those games are more likely not the same as the old games.

No Creativity
I believe that if you were to show the same story line 15 times, don’t you think that the players would get annoyed? A good example of this is actually Dragon Ball Z, with only a few games without following the EXACT storyline. Also, sure that there may be the same final boss, but it just shows how unwilling the makers are about making a new boss. At least some games actually have new final bosses and characters.

Attempting to make new features fun
Now, when it comes to seeing new games, they try to add a feature or two to make it seem more interesting. However, some of these features could be taken from somewhere else, and sometimes these features aren’t all that interesting when you interacting with it. For example, like adding online to the video game. Many games have online to them, and with some being in the same category as said game. Besides, that is a neat feature, but there could be more than just that.

Gaming will always keep improving. Most of the time, the graphics increase to being more realistic! Someone took a picture in GTA5, and it looked like real life! Games start improving over the years, but some franchises are just only going down. However, the real question is, why are the games getting worse, afterwards getting more sales? Unique games don’t get as much sells as they should, but apparently that is how nostalgia works. Hopefully, the gaming industry doesn’t fail. 

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