Future of cloud Computing and AI

This year, the most powerful house or The White House is going to Invite and talk with the advisors and executives from the company like Intel, Oracle, Ford, Boeing, Mastercard, Microsoft, and Accenture. And the topic is Artificial Intelligence or AI.

According to a report of Grantner AI is going to create job vacancy of 2.3 Million by the end of 2020. But it is also going to destroy the jobs of 1.8 million peoples. This Days AI is the most prominent topic everywhere. And every big company is trying to develop methods to use AI efficiently. They are trying to use AI in industries as well as in cure. But the problem is that the use of AI has increased in defense too.

Would AI change the world?

For AI Cloud Computing works Like catalyst. Somehow AI is going to affect everyone’s life. Like it or not but the use Of AI is going to increase as the time will pass. It will cause a massive change in our Industries; the production will be speedy and cheap. AI will cut out all the extra expense on the output. As per a research, AI can help in the surgeries too, not even that it can do operations more precisely than humans. 

But we shouldn’t forget that this game changer AI can take too many years to be developed. Sometimes we expect much more from a game-changing idea, but it takes more time than we hope. Maybe there will be a massive and dramatic change in AI, but it is also possible that it may take a decade for the changes we are expecting.

The truth is that technology has been changing our jobs for the last 150 years, and the use of AI as a tool is not much different from the waves of automation that turned factories and farms into businesses where you pushed a button more often than you picked up tools. While I’m sure we’ll see driverless cars and trucks displace vehicle operators at some point, and businesses automate people out of jobs, most of those people will see the writing on the wall, and the smart will pivot to a position that’s not likely to be automated anytime soon. They have years of warning—again, none of this happens fast.

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Is controlling AI Good?

In some articles I read that, the government is trying to regulate new development in technology. I think it is not possible and somehow it is dangerous. If these techs are used for some bad intentions, then it may cause a huge destruction in this lovely world. So, I think the government should not try to regulate it.

What happens in practice is that the laws become quickly outdated and typically create unnecessary confusion as lawyers try to figure them out—and technologists quickly figure ways to work around them. Some small sites are also using cloud computing. Sites like extratorrent which were banned due to copyright contents. Now they are using extratorrent mirror sites to make themselves accessible.

So, short of addressing an evil genius creating a Skynet that attempts to enslave us all, why bother with regulation? Evil-genius plots are nice for movies, but they don’t happen in real life. 

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