Full Maintenance Tips for Your Furnace This Fall

Many appliances and equipment serve us best in specific weather conditions. The furnace is one of them. It’s no secret that this home must-have lays dormant during summer, and keeps us warm and comfortable during the colder season, such as winter.

Now that the fall season is upon us, we’re counting just days until winter strikes again. And what better way is there to be totally prepared than get your furnace up and running perfectly during this chilly autumn leading to the cooler months? Ushering the winter season, autumn gives you more than enough time to prepare.

Furnace Corrosion = Damage

Corrosion in furnaces starts when metal reacts with combustion gas which, in turn, converts into vapor due to heat transfer. Rust is produced when the combustion vapor then vents out the flue and comes in contact with the metal part of your furnace.

Did you know that lack of use causes your furnace to wear out more quickly, particularly when you suddenly put it to regular good use through the next succeeding months? Worst case scenario: it stops working when you need it the most! Damage occurs when your furnace is asleep, so to speak. When don’t use it for a long time, the dreaded corrosion happens.

A decades-old furnace that is starting to show rust is telling you it has nearly completed its lifespan. A new furnace showing signs of corrosion, on the other hand, might not be venting properly because of exhaust system issues.

As much as you possibly can, keep moisture off the interior parts of your ventilation system because these can lead to rust. If there seems to be water in there, check for ductwork damages. Also, see if your air conditioner – which is often installed above your furnace – is leaking and dripping water down on the latter.

REMINDER: If your heat exchangers are rusty, chances are cracks are starting to show as well. This can cause carbon monoxide leaks which can be fatal, so make sure you call the furnace repair Fort Collins team you trust to help you out in this situation.

Call Certified HVAC Professionals for Help

Investing in regular maintenance and repairs for your furnace is one of the best courses of action you can take. As it is easily one of the best ways to keep your entire household comfortable during winter, you wouldn’t want to take chances.

That being said, make sure you make the call at the onset of the furnace problem – not when it’s too late and irreversible damage has been done. Bear in mind that by preventing furnace serious issues from happening, you are saving money on costly fixes down the line and even save your time! Make sure your HVAC experts provide the complete service you need such as urgent inspections, thorough repairs and complete resolution of any such issue.

Before the cold weather creeps in, ensure a safe, reliable and efficient furnace. If you are in Colorado, calling a certified and experienced Colorado Springs heating repair team is a must.

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