Free Apps to Help You Shop for Gifts

Take your shopping experience to a whole new level by using free shopping apps for gift buying and other shopping needs. Shop around wirelessly through these free apps.

Amazon Windowshop


Most shoppers using mobile devices are aware that is not tablet-friendly.  But with the intuitive and optimized Amazon Windowshop app, shopping from the iPad becomes easier.  Choosing, browsing through the thousands of Amazon products, and of course – buying becomes so easy – it’s scary.  The product pages also feature drop-down menus.  This app is available for iPad.

Android/ IOS

This app helps shoppers decide on which product brand or model to buy by providing reviews, comparisons, and latest prices.  It even predicts the rise or fall of the price of a given item in the near future.


iPhone/ Android

Find original designs and ideas for gifts with the Etsy app. Choose from millions of products made by home based individuals and businesses.  From trinkets, clothing accessories, gizmos, to furniture, Etsy has them all.  Browse by category, product, or season for items that can only be found on this store.  



If you are looking for a 3D printing service to personalize gifts such as cups and mugs, use Sculpteo.  Even with a small budget, gifts can be memorable when a personalized touch is added.  This app will produce the printed results you will want for that perfect gift.

Wishshopping apps


This app functions like a Twitter for checking out gift ideas. You can follow friends and family members using the Wish app to find out what they want to have for Christmas.  It eliminates the guesswork when shopping for gifts.



Express your creativity by giving customized iPhone sleeves that you exclusively designed for the gift recipient.  Children can also design their own versions for their uncles, aunts, and grandparents using this app.   It is definitely better than buying a regular iPhone case from a store.


iPhone/ Android/ Windows

This amazing app truly helps you decide if you are indeed get the best buy for a certain item.  RedLaser scans barcodes and compares prices of various stores nearby and even online stores.  Plus, you can buy the item directly online or simply pick it up from a specific shop.

Having an app to assist you shop for gifts will greatly reduce the hassle and time spent on gift hunting and buying.  These are internationally available apps. Do check out the your local online stores for their mobile services, too. Don’t leave home without having at least a few favorite free apps installed on your mobile device.




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