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Do you believe in Free Affiliate Marketing Help?

Free Affiliate Marketing HelpYou might be asking yourself where you can find honest and free affiliate marketing help?  Free help never really seems “free” does it?  I know because I have friends with that same mentality and it’s hard to get them to see a good thing in front of their face sometimes because the word “Free” these days certainly brings a level of doubt.  Skepticism is good to a certain degree but you also want to be sure that you’re not walking by a great opportunity by closing your mind to the word “free” all the time.  I’ve won many free gift cards and prizes online by just reading through the information and deciphering for myself whether or not something really is free or not.  

A Free Affiliate Marketing Help Group

There really is a free affiliate marketing help group online that has been a huge help to me. This group is a closed group on Facebook  that is run by owner of the Pajama Affiliates, a work at home blogging coach.  

Back when Squidoo was headed downhill I decided that I was going to have to figure out another way to make affiliate marketing work besides shared revenue sites.  I could see that their popularity was rapidly declining in Google and I needed another way to make money at home.  I joined the Pajama Affiliate mastermind group in hopes that they could steer me in the right direction.  

I knew that I needed to start writing on a website that I owned but I was clueless and overwhelmed at the thought.  Up until this point I was solely working on shared revenue sites and although I had a blog, I really wasn’t making much money with it.  All I knew Squidoo was starting to sink and I knew I needed help.  

I had been in some of the same social circles with a woman named Robin Cockrell for quite some time and she was always sharing about her “Pajama Affiliates” and how they were starting their own blogs and making money.  Robin was a rather charming southern belle, I liked the way she talked in her videos and blog posts.  Robin is a very down-to-earth person and easy to understand – unlike other gurus who try to blow you away with their “holier than thou” attitude.  I can’t even tell you exactly what she said or did but it was HOW she said it and did it that resonated with me.  Needless to say, I joined her group.  

At the time I joined her Facebook group it wasn’t free, it was a paid mastermind.  I had been following Robin on YouTube and Facebook for awhile and I knew that she was the affiliate marketing teacher for me.  At this time I was already making a full-time income in affiliate marketing, but I knew that I needed a coach to take me to the level I wanted to be.  I was tired of being at the mercy of shared revenue sites and I needed to know how to do this on my own.

The Pajama Affiliates were an answer to prayer.  I had been in other Facebook groups and forums but always felt so small in them.  I was afraid to ask questions because I saw how people would get bullied and belittled. There were so many egos in these places that I could barely find my way through them.  That would never happen in the Pajama Affiliates free affiliate marketing help group because the admins make sure to keep it friendly.  This is a drama-free, ego-free, hype-free learning zone!

Real, Honest and Free Affiliate Marketing Help

Free Affiliate Marketing HelpIf you’ve been struggling with affiliate marketing or you just don’t know where to start, why not get some free help?   Starting with the Pajama Affiliates is the BEST way to ensure that you are headed down the right path.  There is a ton of free affiliate marketing help available to you from people earning a full-time living online. 

Since starting my Pajama Affiliates journey I’ve only gotten better at affiliate marketing.  Last year, after a huge hit to my income, I was able to bounce back in about 7-8 months, ending the year with a cool $14,000 in affiliate commission in one month!  

Now, over two years later, I’ve been able to bring in an amazing..get this, $52,000 in one month!  No, seriously!  

Notice it took me a couple years to get back up on my feet, but I’m kick serious butt at this and all because of the support and education at the Pajama Affiliates.

I’m a living testimony that the right support and education can have you on the right track to earning a REAL online income with affiliate marketing.  Taking the first step is up to you though!  You can continue spinning your wheels in the mud; churning out article after article – earning pennies from shared revenue sites OR you can take the bull by the horns and join the group!

“You are far too smart to be the only thing standing in your way.”

– Jennifer J. Freeman

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