Fox News Invites Elitist Millennial To Mock Former Yelp Employee For Complaining About Being Poor


Fox News degrades millennials for expecting a livable wage.

Last week 25-year-old Talia Jane was fired from Yelp after posting on Medium “Dear Jeremey,” an open letter to Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppelman, which brought to light the economic disparity employees who worked in customer service faced. Yelp’s office location is in San Francisco, and the current minimum wage is $12.25 an hour.

San Francisco is a very expensive city to live. A one-bedroom apartment averages at $3058 a month

“Every single one of my coworkers is struggling. They’re taking side jobs, they’re living at home. One of them started a GoFundMe because she couldn’t pay her rent,” and, “I haven’t bought groceries since I started this job…Because I can’t afford to buy groceries,” wrote Talia Jane.

Next, she pointed out the irony that Yelp is a food app, and many of their employees cannot even afford to buy food.

“Your employee for your food delivery app that you spent $300 million to buy can’t afford to buy food. That’s gotta be a little ironic, right?”

Yes indeed, how ironic.

Upon learning about Talia Jane open letter to CEO Jeremy Stoppelman, she was fired. 


Intrigued by the enormous press Talia Jane received, Fox News decided to have host Sandra Smith do a “follow-up” segment about Talia Jane and millennials sense of entitlement. They invited 29-year-old Stefanie Williams, who wrote a “brutal rebuttal” to Talia Jane, “Dear Jeremy,” piece.

“After reading your article detailing the absolute struggle you dealt with while working for a Bay Area based corporation (see here:, I felt it imperative to address your concerns and above all, your obvious need for financial assistance. It sounds like you’ve hit some real post-Haitian earthquake style hard times, so maybe some advice will help while you drink the incredibly expensive bourbon you posted on your Instagram account and eat that bag of rice, which was the only other thing you could afford!”

Ahh, now I know why Fox News invited Mr. Williams on to the show. After all, Fox News has a history of shaming the poor and downtrodden. And Stefanie Williams fit the bill perfectly to shame, shame, shame. Like Fox News, Ms. Williams loves to insult people for talking about their struggles. Like Fox News, Stefanie Williams likes to endear herself up by putting others down.

Here’s what she told Fox News about her feelings about Mr. Jane.

“I mean, the whole thing kind of sounded Dickens-esque, like I am so poor, oh, my God, I’m so poor,” she continued, “But when I got to the end and I realized she had included a link to her Venmo account and a PayPal account asking for people to help her to pay rent because she had gotten fired, I just sat there and was like, you have got to be kidding me that this girl is legitimately asking people to pay her rent for her in San Francisco.”

Fox News Host Sandra Smith immediately chimed in.

“You’re saying the problem isn’t with her former employer, Yelp, or the minimum wage that she was getting paid,” Smith pointed out. “You say it’s this girl’s delusion of what her life should be. Is there an understanding when kids are graduating from college right now that they’re entitled to a job, entitled to a nice apartment?”

Williams agreed and added.

“She didn’t have a second job. She didn’t have any supplemental income. And she willingly agreed to the salary they promised her,” Williams said. “Clearly, you knew what you were going to be getting paid. You made these financial decisions on your own and now you’re expecting the company to finance you not for the work you’re doing, but for the lifestyle you chose, the apartment you chose, the city you chose to live in, and only having one job.”

Fox News Wrote The Book On Judgement

Wow there Nelly. When did it become ok to judge? Based on the constant rhetoric from Fox News, I thought America was founded on Judeo-Christian values. Thus isn’t belittling Talia Jane for her misfortune and decisions violating the Biblical text, Luke 6:37, where it explicitly forbids judging others, “Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall be forgiven.” But I guess God gives exceptions to the Fox News network and Christian conservatives, and us liberal Christians just aren’t as blessed. 

I mean come on Ms. Williams with your judgement and holy than thou attitude. Good for you, you work hard, and over time was offered the career of your dreams. Sometimes a strong work-ethic does pay off.  However, do you walk in Ms. Jane’s shoes? I highly doubt it. How do you know that Mr. Jane is not out there busting her behind looking for new employment?

To still have the nerve to judge Talia for asking for temporary financial relief — after admitting you lost a job once — and your friend hooked you up with a new one — almost immediately. Well, what an elitists you are. I find it ironic that you would show your bourgeois self on Fox News, shaming Ms. Jane for what you deem is an entitled millennial. When it seems once you were given a handout too.

Yes, I’m judging. 



Video: Media Matters

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