Flower Frog- Sogetsu Ikebana Kenzan Floral Tool

Ikebana Metal Flower Frogs

Sogetsu Ikebana kenzan flower frogs are used to hold the plants that are used in this type of arrangement in place. Without the kenzan, the Sogetsu arrangement would not have as much stability. People, who enjoy the art of Japanese flower arrangement, or ikebana, find that a kenzan is a tool that they cannot do without.


Flower Frog- Sogetsu Ikebana Kenzan Floral Tool

Flower Frog- Sogetsu Ikebana Kenzan Floral Tool

Choosing The Right Ikebana Kenzan

Once the stems are gripped by the needle points, the flowers are held apart. This means you can space them in the manner that you prefer.

The type of Sogetsu kenzan you choose for your design will depend on several things. Usually, you will need a flower frog of a specific size or shape. The kenzans are often available as either circles or squares.

You don’t have to own a vessel that is an exact match for the blooms that you have in terms of size. The kenzan will grip the stems firmly so that they don’t topple over.

Just make sure you choose a size that is large enough to space the flowers in the way that you choose.


Do Ikebana Pin Frogs Rust?

While some of these products are made of metal, it does not mean that you cannot place them in water. You can submerge them without worrying about rust or having the stems of your flowers change color, once you find one that is of good quality.


Multi Kenzan Ikebana Flower Frog

If you are doing a small arrangement, a two inch pin holder may be sufficient. Some persons are not interested in doing ikebana designs however they wish to display a few flowers from their garden inside their home. A multi kenzan ikebana set such as the one linked to in this article makes it easy for you to do that as well, even with unconventional containers.


Metal Or Plastic Ikebana Kenzans For Tall Arrangments


Working With Lead Based Pin Frogs For Flower Arranging – Low and Classic



Sogetsu Ikebana Flower Frog For Flowers Used In Ikebana

At first glance, a Sogetsu kenzan looks like a plastic brush. However instead of bristles, the flower frog has spikes that are meant to pierce the stems of plants such as hydrangeas, tulips and irises.

The needle points are quite effective at gripping the living material and firmly hold them so the Japanese arrangement looks beautiful for hours or days.

Frogs For Ikebana Arrangements- JWL Kenzan Ikebana Flower Arranger Holder Pin Frog (12) 23mm 7/8″ Included- Customer Reviews

These mini pin frogs are really nice… well done and useful for small ikebana arrangement.”

“You could also use multiple FF’s in one vase for a more elaborate arrangement.”




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