Tips to Fitness at 50!

Fitness at 50 is certainly an important topic.  Fitness is important no matter the age.  As we get older, though, fitness at 50 brings on new challenges.  We cannot let that stop us from working hard to stay fit.  It will help us feel better and live longer. There are lots of different things we can do to get and stay fit long beyond our fifties.  We have to be conscious of many things, but if there is one thing that I hope we have all learned after so many years on this earth it is that we are definitely worth the time and effort.  No one is going to take care of us the way we can (and should) take care of ourselves.

Below I have listed some easy and purposeful ways to maintain that level of fitness at 50 and be healthy.  Some are no brainers and things that we have all definitely heard before, but I have added just a twist.  I am going to provide some helpful tips for feeling good and getting and/or staying fit, but I thought it might be nice to just throw in a tip to help us accomplish these things in ways maybe you hadn’t thought about.  I have had to get creative with my “ME” time sometimes and figured we could all use a helping hand in finding alternative methods of taking care of ourselves.

1. Exercise

Exercise has so many different benefits. For fitness at 50, exercise is crucial.  It helps the metabolism stay regulated so that eating is not the enemy.  It helps us to have endurance in keeping up with the kids and all their activities.  It helps us in so many ways that its benefits just should not be ignored. 

Many of us find getting to the gym to be difficult or even getting 30 minutes to go for run.  While I still think we should get this done as fitness at 50often as possible, there are a few alternatives right at home.  Turn on the music and dance as you make dinner or clean up the kitchen or fold that laundry.  I often do this and I end up shaking and moving and swinging my hips that I know I got my heart rate up for a good 30 minutes and burned up some calories.  Plus I know for a fact my stress level went down and I was more relaxed because I was just being silly and having some fun.  Double bonus!!

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2. Relaxation

Going to the spa and getting a massage is always a really nice treat.  We often get ourselves to the point that we are so NOT relaxed and our muscles are so tied up in knots that nothing else could even substitute a great massage, but it’s not cheap and not a luxury everyone can afford regularly.

We are so quick to jump in the shower and dismiss this as a very powerful time frame in which to get some relaxation.  Now I still need a quick shower in the morning or I can’t function.  (not a morning person), but there is no reason I can’t take a nice hot bath the night before.  You can turn bath time into a luxurious spa treatment.  With some nice essential oils or bubble bath, maybe even a few candles and most definitely a LOCKED DOOR, bath time can turn into an absolutely luxurious experience.  Take a little extra time for yourself and relax in a bath at least a few nights a week.

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3. Eating Right

Everyone knows exactly what this entails and how to do it.  We need more greens, less simple carbs.  We need to watch processed food and snacking and drinking sugary (or diet) sodas.  Many of us are constantly on the go and it seems that fast food is often the only option and so we grab and go and inhale food so fast we don’t know what we have just eaten, let alone how horrible it was for out bodies. 

It’s going to happen, we are going to be busy, out and about and we are going to be hungry.  I have found that going through the drive thru is really no faster than going into the eatery.  Park your car, walk in (exercise) and order your food.  Choose a salad with grilled chicken or yogurt and fruit or something other than a greasy burger with fries. fitness at 50 Most places have some decent alternatives, but I think it’s just as important to take a minute, get out of the car as this slows us down just enough to make a better decision.  What’s huge for me is if I use a drive thru, I make my choice on what’s easiest to eat while driving, not what’s best for my body.  Now isn’t that a silly way to eat? 

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4. Sleep

Not only one of the best ways to feel healthy, but my personal favorite.  Our bodies need sleep, that is a well know fact.  It is said that 8 hours in standard for good health.  This is not always easy to do, but it is definitely well worth the effort to try.  Our bodies are older (chronologically, anyway), let’s be good to ourselves and rest.

I am most definitely a night owl.  I work from home and so have adjusted my schedule accordingly.  I work really well at night and that’s when I do my best writing.  That being said, I have adjusted my sleep schedule to be in bed and resting by 1 am (reasonable), and I promise myself not to be in that bed one minute after 9 am.  That works for me.  If your work schedule requires you to be up early, then do yourself a favor and at least lay down in that bed an hour earlier than you have in the past, relax, read a book, watch a little tv, and work towards shutting it down one earlier than you have in the past. 

We are in control of our bodies and our health is ultimately our own responsibility.  Let’s take care of ourselves the best way that we can.  Always remember that if the things that make you feel better and are healthier for you seem difficult to achieve, just be creative and make a simple little change for the better and you will thank yourself in the long run. 

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