Fishnet Feuds

If you don’t know that embellished fishnets are the next big thing, then this blog is not for you. If I had to say it without mincing my words, I’d say Darling! Fashion is not for you. When I say big, I literally mean big beautiful embellishments that’ll leave you astound. These fishnets are your floral fantasies brought to life in the most stunning possible way. Now there aren’t a lot of places where you’ll find these beauties, so I am going to help you to find your dream fishnets from the perfect site.

In this blog I’ll be reviewing two sites that seem to be the hub for the most gorgeous of designs and breath-taking intricate detailing – Kerry Parker and Lirika Matoshi; to be more accurate I ordered stuff from both and here’s what I found. There are a lot of brands that sell fishnets but after much research I think it’s safe to say that no one does what these two do. The sheer magnificence of it has impelled me to dedicate this blog to fishnet lovers and fashion enthusiasts all around the world, who wish to create some iconic looks with these embellished fishnets.

Lirika Matoshi’s brand was launched in summer of 2017, Kerry Parker made a powerful debut on the first of January 2018. While Lirika Matoshi’s tights were soon seen sported by Bella Throne, Kerry Parker’s exquisite range was featured in Magazines like Cosmopolitan and Femina, within 2 months of the brand’s launch.



I first ordered Silver Starry Net from Lirika’s collection on Etsy, beautiful as it was I got some major guilt balls for spending $149 on a pair of fishnet stockings. My first thought was to wear it with everything (even my night suits) to realise it’s worth. Needless to say this plan didn’t work out and even though I really like these fishnet stockings, I’m still not convinced that it was a good investment. I got to know about Kerry Parker from a friend in India who had purchased from them and I couldn’t stop myself from trying it out myself once I got to know that her fishnet stockings, even though much heavily embellished than mine did not even cost 20 percent of what I had paid. There must be some compromise on the quality I told myself. Still curious, I ordered myself a gorgeous pair of Vanilla Sky embellished fishnets. And to my surprise (thankfully pleasant) there was absolutely nothing wrong with them. They were gorgeously adorned with all shades of blue and well packed in a sturdy navy blue box. Accompanied by a handwritten note explaining the inspiration behind the piece and the labour hours that had gone into bringing it to life.


The designs though very similar looking, are quite different if one has a keen eye for observation. Where Lirika plays heavily with stones, Kerry Parker is more inclined towards pearls. On a personal level, I find Lirika’s collection to be more cluttered, there are a lot of pretty things but with no proper placement or well thought out alignment. While Kerry parker’s designs are not a blatant copy, they are most certainly inspired by Lirika’s work. To be fair, they have already mentioned on their personal blog that their work is a rendition of Lirika’s creative genius. Well, what can I say, it’s something inspired and much well executed.

To sum it up, while both these brands are doing extraordinary work, I don’t see Lirika’s product blending well with a lot of looks. Add to it the fact that her products are way too expensive, I’d say for me Kerry Parker is the clear winner. Their designs vary from well-embellished to subtle and chic, they have a vision and connect well to their customer and most importantly purchases from Kerry Parker don’t pinch their buyers for eternity.

So check these two out for yourself and get shopping!



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