Fishing For Lunkers in Florida

Largemouth bass are native to the southeastern area of the United States. While they have spread to most of the 48 continental states, they are still at their best in the southeast and many fishermen feel that the fishing in Florida, is as good as it gets. Fishing for lunkers in Florida is a dream for many bass fisherman.

Many lakes, rivers and ponds in the state offer a great day of largemouth bass fishing, these are just a few of the more popular spots.

The St. John River

This ancient waterway is the longest river in Florida and meanders through the state for over 300 miles. It is home to many forms of wildlife including alligators and manatee. It is also home to some great largemouth bass fishing. The river flows north and along the way widens to form lakes Harney, Jessop, George and Monroe.

Lake Washington in Melbourne Florida, which is also part of the river, is a good choice for largemouth since it is dammed and the water stays at a deeper depth especially near the dam. Fishermen with large boats can navigate the lake easily.

Some areas of the Saint John River become quite shallow and may not be accessible with anything except an airboat or very shallow boat during the dryer times of the year.

Lake Tohopekaliga

Lake Tohopekaliga in Kissimmee is a popular destination for bass fishermen and there are tournaments held in its lunker filled waters. It is the site of a Bassmaster Classic Tournament. The lake is 13 miles long and at its widest 4 miles wide. It has a heavy concentration of maidencane grass and bulrush reeds giving bass great places to hide.

The chance of catching a ten pound or large bass in this lake are among the greatest in the world. The largest fish on record from Lake Toho is 16lb 10ozs and was hooked by Ed Chancey. It is considered to be among the best spots for largemouth bass fishing in the US.

Its location near all the Orlando attractions, makes it an obvious choice for the average family fisherman who happens to be vacationing in the area.

According to fisherman in search of lunker largemouth bass at Lake Toho should consider spawning time and concentrate on the areas near shallow water vegetation at Brown’s Point, South Steer Beach, Goblets Cove and Big Grassy Island. largemouth_bass

Harris Chain of Lakes

Harris Chain of Lakes consists of nine lakes that cover over 76,000 acres of potential largemouth bass fishing spots in Central Florida. It is a fishing destination on the Bassmaster Elite Tour and is also a popular spot with local bass fishing clubs to hold their tournaments.

The green color of the lakes and the abundant grasses are great cover for the bass and there are frequent catches in the over ten pound category. The two main lakes are Big and Little Harris Lakes and they have deep holes for fishing as well as the shallow grass.

Of the Bassmaster Top 25 largest largemouth bass ever caught, or at least officially verified, two are from Florida. One was caught in 1923 in Big Fish Lake and the other in 1961 in Tarpon Lake. Both of these are over 19 pounds.

While it may seem disappointing that only two of the 25 are from Florida, the reality is, while Florida may not grow them as large as say California, when it comes to quantity of moderate sized largemouth that are caught in Florida, the statistics are much more reassuring.

Chances are if you get lucky, you will be taking home a trophy worthy lunker bass to hang on your wall.

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