Finding What Makes Your Heart Sing


School has taught me valuable life lessons, discipline, and precious knowledge about our world and society. I went through many different educational institutions, and all I knew as a young scholar was that my life had a precise meaning, namely learning. School gave me structure, and I always felt protected and safe within its academic walls.

But so it happens that one day, I graduated all forms of education. I knew everything that a young scholar has to know. However, it was a dreadful day for me. My structure has demolished in front of my eyes, and I was left alone in the middle of chaos.

I know that many people went through this situation. The transition between a world based on rules and the world governed by chaos has a powerful impact on our being. From here on, I went to great length to create a world of my own where my life mission holds the highest position. Now that I overcame my obstacles and obtained my goal of helping people let’s learn together why it is important to have a mission in this life.

            1. Choosing the Paved Path

Unfortunately, most adults give up the school of thought and comply in resignation by attending a job they don’t enjoy. But doesn’t abandoning yourself to conventions mean losing your character? The paved paths give us security, and a feeling of safety, exactly like educational institutions did for us. However, this destiny is rigid and hinders you from developing your character.

Once you start your career, your personality is molded according to the job descriptions. And that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Contrary to popular belief, not all people have a passion they can turn into a career. People discover that they can harness satisfaction by getting involved in what they do on a daily basis. Whether you’ll want to sell the coolest paintball guns for a living or hug pandas in China, never lose that spark in your life.

It is easy to lose sight of what matters when you don’t see your job as a life purpose. Millennials are thought to be the most stressed generation in the history of humankind. With this, new illnesses of the body found their way to the mainstream, such as depression and chronic fatigue fibromyalgia syndrome. The causes of CFS are yet unknown, but many scientists suspect it to be a physical manifestation of our negative feelings.

Some studies can back up the strong connection between purpose and life. They demonstrated that unemployment increases chances of mortality. People with no jobs are not only affected by stress, but they also show a tendency to bad lifestyle decisions.

            2. Finding Your Life Mission

The purpose of life has been a controversial topic for many philosophers and scientists. Even though there are many studies that handle this subject, this question continues to be without a clear answer.

However, it is safe to state that the reason why we can’t solve this mystery is that there is no universal answer. Each of us has a different meaning of life, and what works for someone can be a disaster for others. Common life missions regard discoveries, creating art, scientific research, building something, or simply being happy.

One of the greatest minds of our world, Albert Einstein, managed to explain the purpose of life in five lines. He stated that we are here to create satisfaction for ourselves and the people around us.

            3. Your Mission is the Starting Point in Life

It’s a popular belief that the main difference between humans and the rest of all beings is our consciousness. We are aware of the three types of time, namely the past, present, and future. Our ability to design plans to achieve something later on unlocks a multitude of possible destinies for us. Animals seem to have only one purpose in life: surviving. We are blessed and at the same time cursed to choose our own mission.

Once you are aware of your purpose, you are actually selecting one destiny from an infinite of possibilities. From this point on, every decision you make, be it insignificant or important, will reflect your mission.

The values, morals, and rules that come with this purpose will create something that we need in our life, which is structure. The moment you find what makes your heart sing, you will no longer be subject to uncertainty.

            4. Your Mission Gives You Clarity

When people have no purpose in life, no clear, passionate path or the feeling of being destined to do something, their energy is consumed on a multitude of planes. We are constantly bombarded by requests of all nature, whether social, professional, or personal. These hazy goals create a chaotic daily routine. People consume their energy on pursuing them. However, once they achieve them, they don’t feel satisfaction or they are too busy with other tasks to enjoy a good outcome.

This happens with our professional careers too. People are too busy pleasing their managers and fixing their agendas. But if you ask them what they want, they won’t know how to answer.

On the other hand, if you have a clear purpose, you know how you want your future to look like. Once you have a clear vision of the result, you understand what you need to do to achieve it. From this point on, you will proceed only with daily goals that are important to you.

Society and media have many ways to distract us from our mission. People will expect you to find a job, take bank loans to buy a house you can’t afford, have a family, or be unimaginably productive. While these projections are noble, they are not a perfect fit for everybody.

Consequently, your mission will enable you to discern the meaningful projects from unimportant ones. You can eliminate the background noise and focus on what makes you happy.

            5. Your Mission Makes You Passionate

Having a life purpose is enough to wake up every morning with a new boost of energy. Even though pursuing your mission might not be an easy job, you at least act for your good. And the idea that you remain true to yourself is better than finding success by working for other people’s purpose.

When you are aware that everything you do adds up to your higher goal, it will be easy to ignite your passion on a daily basis. And once you find the drive to use every second you have to create your fulfillment, success is imminent.

Moreover, your energy won’t be wasted on random plans, but you will use it to fuel only meaningful projects. This will give you an inner balance that will bring structure even to your social life. Your passion will lead you to love and become grateful for the people you have in your life.

All in all, finding what makes your heart sing will bring clarity in your life. While the missions the society impose on you are grand, their success might not satisfy you. The meaning of life is to enjoy every moment of it, and that should be your only mission.

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