Finding Vacation Rentals By Owner

Renting a vacation home is part of many family’s summer vacation plans. Renting a home is a much more affordable option for families than staying at a resort or hotel in the same area. The extra space and ability to cook meals in the home are big draws for budget conscious vacationers.Finding vacation rentals by owner can be a little risky so do some research.

Finding a vacation home that is perfect for your family is very important and finding one that is offered by the owner can be a better bargain than going through an agency. It is also a bargain for homeowners since they also don’t need to pay agency fees.

Now that you know why you want to rent directly from the owner, where do you start your search for the perfect vacation rental?


Newspapers are a good place to look for vacation rentals. Ads are relatively inexpensive and the only way someone will see the ad is if they read the paper, this cuts down on the number of people who see the ad but it also cuts down on the number of nuisance calls and emails that the renter will receive. There is a less anonymous feeling to contacts made through newspapers especially local ones. It is still up to you the renter to do your research and try to visit the rental home to see if it is as advertised.


Craigslist has opened up the world of advertising, selling and renting vacation homes. It has also opened up a whole world of fraud. You can find many vacation rentals on Craigslist, just use common sense and be sure that if a visit is possible, you go to see the area and look at the vacation rental. Always ask for references and check them out. You may want to check with the Better Business Bureau or the local Chamber of Commerce just to be sure that the vacation home actually exists and indeed belongs to the person who is trying to rent it.


The optimal way to rent a vacation home is on the recommendation of someone whose opinion you trust. Ask around, talk to family and friends. Knowing that someone has rented from this owner previously goes a long way toward guaranteeing that your vacation rental experience will be a great one and that it may be the beginning of a tradition that may go on for years and even generations.

Drive in the area

This is another great way to find a vacation rental by owner. Drive through the area where you want to rent and look for signs. Often owners just put a sign in their front yard. You can also talk to people in your target neighborhood; they will know who is renting their property. Talk to people at the local stores and restaurants and look for bulletin boards where you can find cards about local vacation rentals.

Renting directly from the owner can be a great way to find a vacation rental but you need to do your research and always keep in mind, if it sound too good to be true, it probably is, renter beware.

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