Finding Bargain Handcrafted Items

Buying handcrafted items is a good idea, it helps to support our economy and the economy of developing countries. It gives small cottage industries a chance to flourish. Fair-trade items are for sale that are also very well priced.

Buying handcrafted items from places such as Haiti, India and Vietnam are going to be a bargain by American standards. This of course is a very good additional reason to buy them. Many people are aware of the organization Ten Thousand Villages which offers artisans in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and South America the opportunity to sell their crafts at a fair price. Ten Thousand Villages operates over 150 stores all over the United States and also sells handcrafted items online.

If you haven’t visited one of their stores or festivals you are in for a wonderful surprise. Not only is the quality of the items offered heirloom, the prices are amazingly reasonable. You can purchase dangling sterling silver earrings with real gems stones and in India for $48. That is a bargain that is hard to beat anywhere.

If you are looking for something a little less exotic in a handcraft at a bargain price the best place to look is at your local church fairs. Most church fairs offer a variety of crafts produced by the ladies of the church at prices that are ridiculously low. These are produced as a donation so no matter how cheaply they are being sold the church is making 100 percent profit.

The Internet has lots of handcrafted items and even some bargains. Sites such as Etsy offer a wide selection of items all at one site. Prices are set by the vendor so you will have to determine what is selling at a bargain price and if you are willing to pay what they are asking. Cottage industry is alive and well on the Internet.

Another place to look for bargain priced handcrafts is at the local senior center or convalescent home. Many homes offer craft classes and the crafts that are produced by the people who visit or reside there are then sold at small craft fairs. This is a great place to get crocheted and knitted items, potholders and kitchen crafts.

If you are looking for the cheapest possible handicrafts check out your local hospital auxiliary shop, the Salvation Army, Goodwill or second hand shop. Many crafts end up here when the original owner changes decor or moves. Determined bargain hunters leave no stone un-turned. As you can see, there are many ways to find bargain handcrafted items, you just have to look.

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